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James Pannafino

Modern Drawing and 2D Design courses

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Many schools have traditional Drawing and 2D Design courses as part of their foundational programs, how many of you have changed those courses, what titles and content are now in their place? This would be for a design degree.


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We have 2 required foundation drawing courses. Foundation drawing assumes the students have no knowledge or experience drawing and includes shape, form, perspective, contrast, etc. Our second required drawing course is figure drawing, which I believe is still necessary because we do design from a human point-of-view.

We have specific skills courses, where software is taught to ensure students have a level of mastery of their tools to be effective in their work. The required skills courses include Raster & Vector, Type & Media, and Web Design 1. Next semester, we are also requiring a motion design course, which in the past was an elective.

We have 4 required courses covering graphic design and communication design. Here is where we cover color theory, composition, and get more complex as the courses progress. Unfortunately, we still teach this primarily from a print perspective, but I am currently the squeaky wheel that questions our motivation for this.

We consider our first 2 years as foundation.

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