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Value of Scholarly Activities

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I am at a research university (top 10 public), we have qualitative assessment so it's hard for me to put numbers on them – they all have to be contextualized. In general, though, I think they are from high to low here – but nothing is so low to merit no attention. I'd be interested in other ways of assessing. Maria 

  1. Published Book (highly respected, fluctuates based on press and peer review process) but demonstrates a high level of research contribution to the field
  2. Grant Base Research Project (varies based on source, amount, role) 
  3. Peer Review Publication (helps demonstrate consistent contribution and more substantial than conference presentation)
  4. Peer Review Conference Presentation (these vary now, some in Europe are double blind peer reviewed full paper so this shifts how we think about conference presentations)
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For my institution, that follows national guidelines for research loosely modeled on the UK's REF, I would order these the following way:

Grant Base Research Project: 

Peer Review Publication: 

Published Book:

Unless its from a top publisher, book publication is not supported or valued very highly. 

Peer Review Conference Presentations are not seen as research. Conferences are considered networking events. Dissemination is allowed there, but its not valued very highly. 


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