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An investigative inquiry into graphic design industry research practices

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I am sharing out a presentation I gave at CAA in 2019 on a panel chaired by Dan Wong, please see the PDF posted here of the presentation deck!


An investigative inquiry into graphic design industry research practices
by Rebecca Tegtmeyer

“Research” in its essence is the active process of gaining knowledge in order to understand. How research is practiced to gain this understanding differs across the field of visual communication, or more specifically in the area of graphic design. Past research practices in the field merely focused on the design of products or communications but needs of new complex problems have brought about the use of research methods focused on people first. Are these research methods adapted from other disciplines or unique to each scenario? How is academia influencing or not influencing this shift in methods in industry? 

By observing and interviewing four unique workplaces I identified the ways in which research methods align, connect, or cross industry practices and academic inquiry.

The questions I sought to investigate were: 

> What practices are borrowed from other fields? 

> How does the end goal and outcome direct the research methods practiced?

> In what ways are industry practices similar or different than academic practices?

> How is research valued by those that conduct it and by the intended audience?

> With the changing landscape of the field, what might possible future
    research practices

CAA_Research Presentation_Tegtmeyer.pdf

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