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Perspectives on Mentorship

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Please pardon my ignorance if this topic has already been explored on the forum.

I'm interested in creating a topic area or discussion thread about mentorship that was inspired by external reviewers for people going through tenure and promotion. I feel like DI has done something like this before? 

At my university, external reviewers aren't necessary – which, in a sense, disincentivizes the need for mentors or even to an extent suppresses the necessity for networking. It's weird. 

SECAC has a mentorship program that is a nice feature of membership but not entirely effective, though I have been able to make some great connections out of it, they didn't entirely turn into mentorship roles [either me as mentee or as mentor.] For example, I sign up for the mentorship program every year but typically cannot be matched. I am aware of the diverse audience of SECAC. Does CAA offer something similar? 

As a result of the void, myself and a few colleagues maintain close contact and always share stories, resources, etc. - the problem is that for the most part, we are either newly tenured or junior faculty status, which in effect turns the group into a support group (Neil, Kelly, Rion, Shannon) without that strong mentorship component. Our close-connectedness also enhances our scholarship by creating partnerships, research and grant opps, etc. 

I'd like to know people's thoughts on what a quality mentorship looks like, what both the mentee and mentors are looking for out of the exchange, and how we can hopefully use this forum to identify folks that are interested in creating this type of engagement. 


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