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Assistant, Associate and/or Full Professor in Multimedia Design, College of Communication and Media Science – Abu Dhabi – Fall 2018

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The College seeks candidates at the Assistant, Associate and/or Full Professor levels. The College is seeking a dynamic, imaginative, and collegial interactive media collaborator with cutting edge creativity and technological savvy, possessing web design and development as well as mobile application skills to join our creative media team. We seek candidates with innovative ideas who will be able to teach and to help foster a thriving interactive media program in which student interests drive an ever-evolving project-based curriculum. The College defines Interactive Media as referring to the collection of communication resources and tools available via computer networks, mobile technologies, electronic devices and the Internet, that have emerged to enable broader public participation in society, culture, and commerce. The B.S. in Multimedia Design challenges students to create interactive systems that connect people across multiple media platforms, facilitate participation, convey information, communicate stories, enhance experiences, and otherwise augment, improve, and bring both enlightenment and meaning to people's lives. This may involve the development of mobile apps, the manipulation of digital media, the construction of immersive virtual experiences, or the investigation of as yet unrealized forms. New faculty members will teach and conduct research or engage in creative activity within the B.S. in Multimedia Design. The ability to work with colleagues in the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises and the College of Technological Innovation to maintain the collaborative nature of the B.S. in Multimedia Design is essential...

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