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RGD is pleased to announce the return of our Design Educators Conference as a 3-day event taking place virtually October 21 to 23.
The Conference has 5 themes:
  • Empower [the learners]: How do you empower students to become active learners? How do we train and create an ecosystem of resilience? 
  • Embrace [the classroom]: What does the future classroom look like? What are the methodologies, technology and/or practices we need to embrace to move forward? 
  • Expand [the experience]: How do we decide who and what to include in the experience of design education?
  • Engage [with external participation]: How does design education engage with society, with our student’s lives, with the industry at large? 
  • Equity [within all spaces]: How can we better integrate inclusion, accessibility, and equal opportunities for all students and participants in education?
The Conference will consist of:
  • 2-3 Keynote Sessions (60 minutes each)
  • 5 Themed Sessions (60 minutes each with 3 20-minute Presentations)
  • 6-12 Roundtable Sessions (60 minutes of discussion each, some with 1 presentation of 5 to 20 minutes with facilitated discussion)
  • Slack Workspace for discussion amongst attendees.
Call for Abstracts

RGD welcomes submissions from educators and industry professionals from around the world that address any of these themes from a variety of perspectives. Selected presenters will receive a complimentary pass to the Conference. Abstracts will be reviewed by an Abstract Review Panel. Selected presenters will be notified by October 1 if their proposals are selected for inclusion in the Conference. Following the Conference, select presenters will be asked to contribute to a PDF publication of the Conference proceedings. See the 2015 publication here.

Deadline for submissions: September 4, 2020
Please send questions to education@rgd.ca.
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