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Where to publish Design Writing: Journals + Publishers

Aaris Sherin

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Have you ever wondered where to publish design writing? We put together the a list of publishers, academic journals and some trade magazines for the Design Incubation Fellows and wanted to share it out. The journals on the list aren't ranked so some might be better than others for tenure and promotion. The good news is that if your work gets accepted, there are so many venues you could publish in a different journal every month for a couple years!

Please help grow the list by posting suggestions for new additions.


  • Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Design Issues
  • Design and Culture
  • Design Philosophy Papers
  • Design Principles and Practices
  • Design and Technology Education
  • Eye [crossover with trade]
  • FORMakademisk
  • Info Design Journal
  • International Journal of Design
  • Iridescent [online only]
  • Journal of Communication Design
  • Journal of Design Research
  • International Journal of Design Education
  • Journal of Design Research
  • Journal of Education through the Arts
  • Journal of Material Thinking
  • The International Journal of Design in Society
  • The International Journal of Visual Design
  • The International Journal of Design Management and Professional Practice
  • International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation
  • Journal of Design History
  • Leonardo: Art Science and Technology
  • Plot - Parsons Design Studies student journal
  • The Design Journal
  • The Idea Journal
  • West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History and Material Culture
  • Word and Image
  • Visible Language
  • Visual Studies
  • Trade: Metropolis, How, Print, Communication Arts, Wallpaper, Interactions, 3x3,
  • Justapoz, Computer Arts, Layers, CMYK, Digital Arts, FORM, Web Designer
  • Art Journal
  • Art Bulletin
  • Bulletins of the Serving Library
  • Interiors: Design/Architecture/Culture
  • Dialectic/ AIGA
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SIGDOC’s mission is to advance the state of knowledge, encourage the research, and support the interdisciplinary practice of the design of communication.

The ACM Special Interest Group for Design of Communication provides a forum for researchers and practitioners of the design of communication, including  information architecture, information design, user assistance, help, and documentation (traditional and user-contributed) as well as technology that supports and enhances communication, including blogs, forums, chat, and wikis.

The SIG fosters the study and publication of processes, methods, and technologies for communicating, designing, developing, and delivering these artifacts. Members include technical communication professionals, content strategists, usability specialists, information architects, software engineers, educators, researchers, web designers, system developers, computer scientists, information technology professionals, and managers responsible for researching, producing, and/or supervising the creation of user interfaces, information architecture, content, websites, and social media.

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