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Jessica Barness

CFP - CAA 2020 session, "Designing Scholarship: Communication Design and Academic Journal Publishing Practices"

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Dear colleagues, 

Below please find the call for participation for our CAA Annual Conference 2020 session, Designing Scholarship: Communication Design and Academic Journal Publishing Practices

• Submission deadline: July 23, 2019. 
• Email submissions to co-chairs Amy Papaelias (papaelia@newpaltz.edu) and Jessica Barness (jbarness@kent.edu)
• Use the submission template available at https://caa.confex.com/caa/f/tnxbicijhcpp
• Submission acceptance/rejection notification: August 22, 2019.
Designing Scholarship: Communication Design and Academic Journal Publishing Practices
The visual design traditions of academic journals have endured since the late seventeenth century, when Philosophical Transactions and the Journal des Sçavans began publication. Late nineteenth century publishing innovations, including stereotype printing, steam powered printing presses, and cheaper forms of paper and binding, allowed for a rapid growth of scholarly journals. In the late twentieth century, desktop publishing revolutionized and democratized the processes for reproducing images, creating page layouts, and the production of periodicals. More recently, digital publishing expanded ways of accessing, writing, and reading journals. The design of scholarship influences its credibility, comprehension, and accessibility. Printing and digital technologies, combined with visual communication design, play critical roles in establishing the conventions and future possibilities of scholarly publishing, yet limited research exists on this subject.

This session solicits presentations on the design of academic journals and welcomes contributions from designers, publishers, scholars, and editors. Selected papers will investigate the past, present, and future of communication design and journal publishing. Questions that may be addressed include: What are some examples (historical or present-day) of successful partnerships between designers, editors, and journal publishers? What role does design play in the tension between scholarly goals to openly share knowledge with the financial pressures of for-profit academic publishing? What is gained or lost in the digital production and templatization of journals? Where are design innovations happening in born-digital journals, open access models, and experimental publishing platforms? How can communication design amplify scholarly publication in emerging disciplines?

For further details: https://caa.confex.com/caa/2020/webprogrampreliminary/meeting.html

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