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James Pannafino

Design Research and Writing

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I want to develop a new design course focus primarily focus on design research and writing ... maybe some grant stuff. Does anyone have information or similar classes they could share with me?


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Hi James,

I'm going to hold off from commenting on this topic until I get back from Decipher. I've got my own point-of-view, and I'd like to hear more about what other people are doing and saying about it, so I might position my own perspective in relation to others. I'm presenting a poster there titled "Learning from the Social Sciences to Create Research Methodologies in Communication Design". I've been thinking about developing an undergraduate research course as well, that's generally more scientific in its methods, and not simply a "background research" or "secondary research" type course, but more primary research in its approach and methods.

But here's a few things to add right now...

There's some writing resources and recommendations outlined in the whitepaper we wrote about abstract writing, "https://designincubation.com/publications/white-papers/writing-an-academic-research-abstract-for-communication-graphic-design-researchers-scholars/"

Stay tuned.


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Here's a pdf of the poster I presented at the Decipher conference. I received really great feedback and insight. With some encouragement from DI Fellows, we're going to develop a 3-day DI Research Fellowship. If anyone is interested, has suggestions, and/or wants to volunteer to support this project, please let me know!


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