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Quinnipiac is looking for online faculty for the Masters program.

The Quinnipiac University School of Communications Interactive Media + Communications Master’s program has needs for part time online faculty in a number of areas. These courses are delivered in a seven-week format throughout the year. Our QU Online division has excellent technological and logistical support for those of us teaching online.
We are hoping to spread this search far and wide, so please forward to any colleagues you think might be interested. The most immediate need, however, is for a new course called ICM 513 Content Strategy which will be running online in the Fall semester. The basic outline in development is attached.
More information on the program and curriculum can be found here:
Qualifications: Minimum of Master’s degree (terminal degree preferred) and professional experience in the field
Subject Areas: including, but not limited to the theories and practice of Social Media, UI, UX, Innovative Video & Audio, Design Thinking (all aspects of the methods and processes,) Content Strategy and Development, and Writing Across Media (we will also need faculty for a 15 week on-ground offering of our writing course for Spring 2019.)
Please forward this to anyone you may know teaching or working in the subject areas. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Pattie Belle Hastings (PattieBelle.Hastings@qu.edu) directly and to send a resume and portfolio (where applicable.)

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