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  1. Hi everyone, I've initiated a series of book projects and am looking for some objective advice and constructive criticism – or otherwise, some sort of review or mentorship – that could also result in some request for contributing articles, interviews, and case studies. The book projects are framed academically and progress knowledge and research (my own and others) in the domain of municipal/community branding and storytelling. The composition of the books will largely be 50% logo inventory, 15% interviews, 15% articles, and 20% case studies – depending on the length of each book, of which there will be one for each state in the US, plus 2-3 after that would (respectively) collect all of the interviews, articles, and case studies together. I'm looking to do all of this over the next 5-year period. I am planning on self-publishing, have financing lined up, and am now in the content building phase. I do hope to have two additional books that collect all of the articles and interviews and case studies (respectively) published on a peer-review basis, as I don't think the 50 books I want to do will fit that mold. I welcome any advice, opinions, insights, or further conversations. Thanks!
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