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Found 25 results

  1. https://rgdhub.wufoo.com/forms/design-educators-conference-call-for-abstracts RGD is pleased to announce the return of our Design Educators Conference as a 3-day event taking place virtually October 21 to 23. The Conference has 5 themes: Empower [the learners]: How do you empower students to become active learners? How do we train and create an ecosystem of resilience? Embrace [the classroom]: What does the future classroom look like? What are the methodologies, technology and/or practices we need to embrace to move forward? Expand [the experienc
  2. In conjunction with a CAA session on design history pedagogy that Victoria Pass and I co-chaired this week in Chicago, I have created a website called Design History Teaching Resources that I'm hoping can become a helpful resource for people teaching in the field of design history. I have started adding content, but it is based only on what I have in my own experience, and I would like to invite submissions from anyone on the DSF list who has useful content they are willing to contribute. If you have a successful syllabus, assignment brief, or activity prompt you are willing to share with coll
  3. https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/64841 Position Summary/Purpose of Position: The Department of Art at the University of Maryland invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor faculty position in Print and Expanded Media, beginning in August 2019. We seek candidates who embrace hybridity in an expanding field of theory and practice, and who are actively engaged in investigations of technologies that augment and influence contemporary print media. The candidate’s creative practice should reflect the ability to work within an interdisciplinary department and a print program
  4. http://w3.bilkent.edu.tr/bilkent/department-of-communication-and-design/ The Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University invites applications for appointments beginning with the academic year 2018-19, or to start in Spring 2018. We seek to hire two faculty members at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank: one is a research-based position, the other is practice-based. Qualifications for the research-based Assistant/Associate Professor position: D. in media studies or a closely related subject Research experience and a strong publication record in medi
  5. https://segd.org/sites/default/files/2019-segd-academic-summit-call-for-papers.pdf Call for Papers Submission Deadline Friday, March 1, 2019 SEGD | Society for Experiential Graphic Design is soliciting submissions for the 2019 Academic Summit to be held on Wednesday, June 6, in Austin, Texas. Potential papers should address the educational, institutional, technological, social, and cultural issues that have relevance to the overarching discipline of Experiential Graphic Design (EGD), which encompasses environmental graphic and information design, exhibition design, wayfindi
  6. We recently published a white paper on best practices when developing an abstract. This is especially useful for submissions to a conference, journal, or other academic publication where you would be presenting, writing, or discussing your thoughts about design research and practice. https://designincubation.com/category/publications/white-papers/ It is an easy-to-read guide that breaks down the structure and purpose of each element of an academic abstract. It is a go-to document that makes easy the work of developing your ideas succinctly. Please use and share with your colleagues a
  7. http://drslxd19.id.metu.edu.tr/call-for-papers/ 5th International Conference for Design Education Researchers Middle East Technical University Campus, Ankara Call for Papers, deadline November 19, 2018 Conference dates: July 9–12, 2019. The LearnXdesign is a conference series by DRS Special Interest Group in Design Pedagogy (PedSIG), cultivating symbiotic exchanges between design education and design research. The first symposium in the series was held in Paris in 2011 and covered a small number of invited presentations mainly by British and continental European researc
  8. Hi everyone, I've initiated a series of book projects and am looking for some objective advice and constructive criticism – or otherwise, some sort of review or mentorship – that could also result in some request for contributing articles, interviews, and case studies. The book projects are framed academically and progress knowledge and research (my own and others) in the domain of municipal/community branding and storytelling. The composition of the books will largely be 50% logo inventory, 15% interviews, 15% articles, and 20% case studies – depending on the length of each book, of
  9. https://ead2019dundee.com/ Design and design researchers often disrupt the status quo in acts of creative disobedience, taking a contrary view to shed new light on a challenge. Increasingly, they are approaching this in a collaborative manner. In doing so, the discipline of design is itself evolving while running. EAD2019 Dundee invites designers to explore the disruption, risks and transformation of design across an enterprising three-day conference from 10th–12th April 2019. Call for Papers, Posters, Positioning Papers, Research Proposals, Workshops. Walks.
  10. Ahttp://www.collegeart.org/pdf/programs/conference/CAA-CFP-2019.pdf There are a few noteworthy design sessions. Please consider submitting or recommending someone to submit. (If you note other design sessions in this conference, please list them in the comments to this discussion...) Where Industry Meets Academia: Who is Leading the Pack in Design Research and Why? Committee on Design Chair: Dan Wong Email: dan@dan-wong.com Is industry making the greatest contribution and impact to design, or is research in the academy doing it behind the scenes? Is it time for mor
  11. Design researchers, academics, and practitioners almost always have a website or blog that showcases their work, insights, activities, or research... In many cases, they might look like teaching or academic research blogs, but often they look like design company/firm/agency websites. Please share those go-to websites you visit regularly, or your own design research website.
  12. https://www.designresearchsociety.org/cpages/home The Design Research Society (DRS) is a learned society committed to promoting and developing design research. It is the longest established, multi-disciplinary worldwide society for the design research community. The Design Research Society was founded in the UK in 1966. The origins of the Society lie in the Conference on Design Methods, held in London in 1962, which enabled a core of people to be identified who shared interests in new approaches to the process of designing.
  13. http://designresearchmethods.com/ This site is a repository of design research methods, organized into sets of books, tools, organizations, practice, and articles. Creating a central hub of materials was motivated by the growing abundance of resources that has emerged in recent years. The site was developed and is managed by Bruce Hanington, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, and co-author of Universal Methods of Design. Special thanks to Lisa Li for help with initial content research and site development.
  14. I am proud to announced the Call for Participation for MODE Summit 2019, hosted by Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. The new website is coming soon, but the CFP can be found here: http://www.modesummit.com/cfp/. Please email me questions at gretchen.rinnert@modesummit.com The deadline to submit an abstract is 8 August 2018
  15. https://guides.libraries.uc.edu/c.php?g=711850 Databases Magazines and Journals Books & E-books Blogs and Websites Citing Resources Copyright Guidelines-- Images DAAP Theses and Dissertations
  16. http://informationplusconference.com/#call As an interdisciplinary event, we invite proposals from all fields of professional practice, research, and education in information design and visualization. We welcome submissions on such topics as (but not limited to): the environment, advocacy and law, health and medical applications, social and political issues, cultural analysis and collections, digital humanities, and projects in data journalism. Authors accepted for presentation at the conference will have an opportunity to submit articles for publication in a special issue of an academic
  17. I apologize in advance for stealing this content from https://educators.aiga.org/design-research-resources-journals/ I know it existed on their website, but I couldn't find it, and in my fear that it gets lost permanently, I reposted the information here... Resources re: Design Research and Scholarship ORGANIZATIONS THAT FOSTER OR SUPPORT DESIGN RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIP: Many of these host peer-reviewed conferences and publish their conferences’ proceedings. Som
  18. http://www.collegeart.org/programs/conference/proposals CAA 2019 ANNUAL CONFERENCE New York, NY, February 13—16, 2019 New York Hilton Midtown Proposals must be submitted from March 1 through April 27, 2018.
  19. http://www.designstudiesforum.org/ Design Studies Forum seeks to nurture and encourage the study of design history, criticism, and theory and to foster better communication among the academic and design communities. The Design Studies Forum’s 800+ members include practicing designers, design historians, critics, and museum professionals. For further information about the Design Studies Forum listserv, or to enroll, contact cgorman@utexas.edu Design Studies Forum publishes the peer-review journal Design and Culture. For the journal info please see designandculture.org Founded as
  20. http://carnegieclassifications.iu.edu/classification_descriptions/basic.php I'm fascinated by the research expectations across institutions. One factor I've seen is the program offerings of a given institution. Another factor, particularly in our field of communication design, is the ability to do creative work or client work locally. Are there other factors? I also wonder whether the Carnegie classifications are a good guide to what an institution research expectations are of you during your tenure. How does the Carnegie classifications rate your school, and what are your resea
  21. As the field of communication design changes and develops, research as a rigorous element of the process becomes required. At the Design Incubation Colloquium at Kent State, faculty there discussed how they introduced a research course in their graduate program, and then brought it into the undergraduate program. I’ve been intrigued since they first mentioned it... how is it taught? What are the lectures, lessons, assignments and outcomes? Do you teach a research course in your program?
  22. until
    http://conference.collegeart.org/ Wednesday, Feb 21 – Saturday Feb 24, 2018 Los Angeles Convention Center
  23. until
    Presentations and discussion in Research and Scholarship in Communication Design at the 106th Annual CAA Conference 2018 in LA. Design Incubation Colloquium 4.2: CAA 2018 Los Angeles Saturday, February 24, 2018, 2:00–3:30 PM LA Convention Center: 402A https://designincubation.com/publications/colloquium/colloquium-4-2-caa-2018-conference-los-angeles/
  24. until
    Affiliated Society: Design Incubation Friday, 2/23/18: 12:30–1:30 PM LA Convention Center: 406B Moderator Gloria Kondrup Executive Director Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography Graphic Design Faculty, ArtCenter College of Design https://designincubation.com/publications/colloquium/affiliated-society-meeting-design-incubation-special-program-on-typography/
  25. Spending the weekend formatting this new space for design faculty to congregate online, and discuss professional issues that are on our mind we. Please contribute freely, and if you have recommendations, we welcome the input.
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