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  1. The theme of the conference is Analogue and Digital Call for participations: Early call for entries. Design Education Forum 2020 will take place in Spain on the 5 and 6th of November 2020 and will explore the relationship between analogue and digital in Art and Design Education. To view last year's event, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IRBSSXwCPw&t=7s We are endorsed by WDO and the Chartered Society of Designers, the Type Archive, creative consience and many others. There are three ways of participating: A five minute video presentation A 10-15 min remote / physical presentation An online workshop Register your interest for Valencia Design Education Forum 2020 5th and 6th of November2020: https://forms.gle/6sdRBUv6QMaVSLn8A
  2. With the possibility that we might all be teaching remotely in the coming weeks, what have been some tools, resources, techniques, tricks that you have used as a design instructor when developing a class and course taught online or from remote locations? Are there things that did and did not work? What is the process and best practices for creating a video tutorial? What are the tools, equipment and software that work best? Please share your experiences here, so we may begin to prepare for what seems like the inevitable suspension of in-person classes.
  3. Every institution has a different process and sets different standards for tenure. It is even possible that these standards and processes change while you are in the midst of the tenuring process, as administrations change, or as the field of study changes. Many institutions have adopted the three-legged stool approach of faculty assessment—teaching, service, scholarship. Some places expect all legs to be of equal length. Others may assign one leg more importance than the others. There is also the process the institution goes through to assess your accomplishments. Some require the anonymous assessment of an established academic of the discipline. Some have committees who review your package separately. Do you know the process where you are? The type of institution has potential bearing on how this process will go. Carnegie classified R1 institutions may require highly academic research to be executed, with publishing requirements. Private Art & Design institutions are full of creatives who inherently will understand your scholarship, while liberal arts universities may have physics and math academics assessing your efforts. What is/was your experience going through the tenure process? What type of institution is yours? Was/is the process transparent, and does your institution offer support (workshops, mentorship programs, etc.) to help you through the process?
  4. Chat: From Lisa Hammershaimb : a sprinkling of synch From Dirk Dallas : Dennis how long is that open studio time usually? From Dennis Cheatham : Dirk, I offer 3 hours per week, each at a different time of day to compensate for time zones and work schedules. From robinlanda : Conversely, chat allows shy students to participate during synchronous sessions. From Dirk Dallas : That’s great thanks! From Naoko Masuda : Dennis what are some good platforms that can be used for asynchronous critique? From Dennis Cheatham : (…One hour at a time…) From Mitch Goldstein : I use Dropbox Paper From Alex Girard : Me too! From Alex Girard : Love Dropbox Paper! From Mitch Goldstein : OMG ALEX ARE WE BFF NOW From Alex Girard : For realz. From Naoko Masuda : THANKS! From Mitch Goldstein : score From Dennis Cheatham : Noko, our institution uses Canvas LMS so I use that… but tons of tools could be used for asynchronous discussions. From Dirk Dallas : I’m experimenting with Figma for critiques since it has the collaboration and pinned comment feature From Naoko Masuda : We’re being asked to use Moodle/Teams so looking for things that can work within that. From Silas Munro : I like the idea of dropbox paper, but dropbox is blocked in china. I know many of my students have access to a VPN, but I wonder about some platforms that don’t work in china From angelariechers : anyone using Are.na for asynchronous crit? From Dennis Cheatham : Good call, Silas… not all countries allow al tools. +1! From robinlanda : I’m using Google Classroom to teach GD and AD and I’m able to hold an almost identical experience synchronistically From Naoko Masuda : Thank you everyone! Super helpful! From Aaris Sherin : Dan is using Collaborate in BB to break students up into groups. My institutions doesn’t have that feature but it seems like a great way to connect with students in real From Katherine Mueller : Wow! Amazing! From Mitch Goldstein : huge thanks to DI for putting this together! From Celi Monroe : I included “Documentation” in the rubric for online projects. If it’s blurry or poorly lit, they know that will affect the grade. From Katherine Mueller : I was already using Flickr in the classroom. Asking them to post their progress to the group before each class. I set expectations for commenting participation From Dirk Dallas : Celi, great point! From Lupe Muñoz Dentice : Hello everyone! I’m from Asunción, Paraguay. I’m using Google Classroom, Moodle (institutional requirement) and Zoom. From Dennis Cheatham : Katherine, good call on seeing expectations for commenting participation. Online, it From Mitch Goldstein : HARD AGREE WITH ALEX From Dennis Cheatham : …it’s important to set clear expectations for number of comments and quality of comments (both praise and critical comments) From Lisa Hammershaimb : Much easier to remember when there is a trace of it From Dirk Dallas : Are there any *free* online tools for critiquing and pinning comments on videos for motion design projects? From Lisa Hammershaimb : @dirk have you checked out voice thread? I think Aaris has used that before with video crit From Dirk Dallas : I will look into that thank you Lisa! From Celi Monroe : Great point, Alex. All those questions “do we have to ?” questions that naturally come up in-person have to be considered ahead of time and communicated clearly. From Celi Monroe : Sorry, *Dennis. From Abby Goldstein : Excellent thanks From robinlanda : I include the learning outcomes in the design brief as well as how I will evaluate the solution. From Dennis Cheatham : Right, robin! Outcomes and evaluation measures up-front… at the start. +1! From robinlanda : From robinlanda : Agreed! From robinlanda : Due to the emergency situation, we want to lead with empathy and create a flexible environment for them. From Aaris Sherin : If anyone has rubrics, ideas for assessment or other planning docs that they would be willing to share we’d love to facilitate that or feel free to add here in the chat. From Abby Goldstein : Alex —Can you give an example From Alex Girard : I’d be happy to! What can I give you an example of? Wasn’t monitoring this while I was speaking. From Katherine Mueller : Thanks, Aaris. I’m very interested in rubrics From Celi Monroe : If it’s in the instructions, it’s in the rubric. It makes grading easier for me and reinforces what’s important. But I try not to get too granular because students will start working to the rubric (“I’m not going to worry about this because it’s only worth 3pts”) From Dirk Dallas : Dennis, would love to hear more about how the risk points work From Dan Wong : https://social.designincubation.com/topic/252-teaching-online-resources-experiences-tools-recommendations/ From Celi Monroe : Is anyone using Slack for classes? I like the idea of using tools that may actually be used in the workplace From Mitch Goldstein : I am - but just as a kind of catch-all spacce From angelariechers : Yes it’s very helpful to have a Slack channel open From Mitch Goldstein : formal crits happen on dropbox paper From Dennis Cheatham : Celi, I use a 1-point rubric and it has helped define mastery but leave room for Exemplary/Developing/Beginning performance. I can share more… From Celi Monroe : Awesome. Would love to learn more, Dennis. From Abby Goldstein : Lisa yes THANK YOU! From robinlanda : Google From Dennis Cheatham : Dirk, I’d be happy to share about risk bonus. Get in touch with me dennis.cheatham@miamioh.edu From Dirk Dallas : @Celi I use Slack for posting homework, doing weekly writing reflections, and posting work/doing critiques From Abby Goldstein : Great point Lisa From Dan Wong : If people would like to share videos on YouTube, or would like us to add their videos to our channel, please let us know! From lizdeluna : Two other pieces of software for critiques From lizdeluna : https://mural.co/ From lizdeluna : https://voicethread.com From Abby Goldstein : We have a resource at fordhamgraphicdesign.com From Alex Girard : Thanks, Liz! From walterk : How are people handling students that do not have access to computers - or were reliant on computer labs at your institution? Or handling students that have limited internet access that are now abroad internationally? From Dan Wong : CUNY has paused classes for a few days so they can distribute computers… From Silas Munro : Otis is also providing laptops and free licenses of software From walterk : Good to know! From Aaris Sherin : To all - please add questions you have or what you might be interested in in terms of DI Developing more programing / content in the future into the chat here so we can review later! Thanks! From Dan Wong : Adobe is apparently extending Creative Cloud licenses for off campus use. There were some glitches… but they’re working them out. From Abby Goldstein : Question for DI: Teaching design off the computer From Eugene Mayer : Dan—Can you provide more information on the Adobe situation. Software is the biggest problem for one/third of my students now that they are off-campus. From lizdeluna : Yeah, I haven’t seen it come through yet, but I understand that it just needs to go through the institutions IT, but all students should get free Adobe CC From tracy : I’ve been recommending the Affinity apps, also free for 90 days and very similar to Adobe interface. From Dan Wong : https://theblog.adobe.com/adobe-enables-distance-learning-globally-schools-impacted-covid-19/ From Justin Gagne : https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/supporting-the-creative-community/ — 90-Day free trial; alternatives to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign From Katherine Mueller : Agreed! Thanks Mitch From Dennis Cheatham : Yes, Mitch! Know who your students are and what their needs are. Make it accessible. From lizdeluna : Snag It From lizdeluna : https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html From Dirk Dallas : @Eugene one recommendation is to try the free web based tool Figma From Carrie Hamilton : If a student already has an Adobe CC account, they can get two free months by going to the Adobe site, clicking on the chat window and typing “too expensive” in the window From Abby Goldstein : It is good to be challenged —how can you design without software? From Dennis Cheatham : Demo… one of my feedback videos using Snagit: https://youtu.be/9iqoEcGd69o From tracy : My challenge is for students who only have cell phones and limited data or internet access. I have not found good apps to use in that scenario. From tracy : Alex, I am the only Graphic Design instructor at my college. From Abby Goldstein : Yes for over 20 years I was the only full time faculty in design at Fordham. We just hired an AIR Patrica Belen From Abby Goldstein : SOOOO true Aaris From Abby Goldstein : THANK for arranging this. Really helpful From Douglas Clouse : Hi Everyone, I’ve been collecting some of the products and resources mentioned here: https://www.tdc.org/news/help-for-designers-and-businesses-resources-during-the-pandemic/ From Karl Heine : Thanks for all the valuable internal information. My specific question has come up through many of the design programs I work with. Since all of the portfolio reviews have been canceled, how are you handling this for online shows and prepping students for video (Zoom) interviews? From michael : Alex, I am in a similar position. I am the only faculty for our design department, and one of only 3 full time in the art department at my institution From Marks, Andrea S : Thank you so much everyone…great feedback and discussion! From Silas Munro : I’m curious how folks are figuring out senior/junior exhibitions? From Mitch Goldstein : instagram From Mitch Goldstein : we are having students “brand” and curate a show on insta From robinlanda : Check out my LinkedIn post on Senior Portfolio Review From Johnathon Strube : Alex, I am in a similar spot. One of two faculty. Let’s connect. From Mitch Goldstein : there is a great insta account that is collating and reposting shows which of course i forget the name of From Maria Bohannon : We are planning on creating a website to host an online exhibition for our Senior capstone in graphic design. From Dirk Dallas : @robin would love to, could you share a link? From Mitch Goldstein : but if i find it will @ you silas From Alex Girard : Same for us, Maria! From Celi Monroe : @socialdistancegallery From Mitch Goldstein : YES CELI THANK YOU From Eugene Mayer : Thanks for a terrific discussion today. From Alex Girard : Thanks to all for joining us! From Mitch Goldstein : thank you everyone! From angelariechers : one of the most positive things is how beautifully educators support each other! thanks so much everyone From Alex Girard : Agreed 🙂 From Silas Munro : Great thoughts From Maria Bohannon : Thanks for sharing everyone! Nice to know we’re all in the same position. From Celi Monroe : Thanks, everyone. Good to feel connected in this moment. From Silas Munro : We in the past had great insta accounts in tandem with the show, but I’m also thinking about an “opening” From Mitch Goldstein : @ silas: could be a timed hashtag bomb or something From Mitch Goldstein : & ill happily tweet that From angelariechers : @mitchgoldstein that’s a great idea From robinlanda : LinkedIn post: https://bit.ly/3al6zGl From Katherine Mueller : You can save the chat transcript using the … button From lmaione@kcai.edu : re: senior show, we’ll have a durational element digitally available for a short time (i.e. opening) as well as a longer-term online element From Silas Munro : This is amazing! Great resources everyone From Justin Gagne : Free online courses as supplemental content: https://thegymnasium.com From PJ : Re: Online opening: as much a as don’t like FB, FB Live - has all the elements needed for an “online opening” - ha worked before for my 20x02 Posters For Peace exhibit when I was in China / Mexico / USA at the same time From Dirk Dallas : This was so great! Really appreciate you taking the time to bring us together and share ideas! From Silas Munro : @mitch yes! Thanks From Charmaine : For our graduating seniors, in lieu of a FTF portfolio review, I’m trying to pair each student with a design mentor (mostly alumni). From Charmaine : Thank you so much! From Naoko Masuda : thank you! From lmaione@kcai.edu : thank you! From Lia Golemba : Thank you!! From Karl Heine : Thanks, I think for the next one you should have everyone on live.
  5. http://www.digitallyengagedlearning.net/2019/submission-guidelines/ As this year is the Bauhaus' centennial, our theme is “Teaching Futures”. What do you think the next 100 years of art & design education should look like, and what have you taught/speculated on that you would like to share? Read on for more details and be in touch if you have any questions. This year’s awesome keynote speakers are Leah Gilliam and Zach Lieberman! Please be in touch if you have any questions. Warm regards, Cynthia Lawson
  6. Howdy All, Forgive me if this topic has been covered. My question is how to do you tackle student internships? Specifically I would say unpaid internships. I am constantly getting contact for internships that are unpaid. Teaching at an HBCU my students don't have the luxury to take unpaid internships. The ones I reject right away, are the ones that have no educational value for the student. Example. A company once wanted a graphic design intern, but didn't have a graphic designer or art director on staff. Basically they just wanted a free graphic designer. Is this a problem in your area? How do you tackled this? Thanks, Mitch
  7. https://trr.tbe.taleo.net/trr01/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=OCADU&cws=37&rid=1559 In order to alleviate the under-representation of racialized and Indigenous tenure-track faculty, this position is open only to qualified racialized and Indigenous persons who self-identify as such in the application process. This initiative is a special program under the Ontario Human Rights Code. OCAD University (OCAD U), Canada’s university of the imagination, provides a vibrant and stimulating environment for its faculty and students. Committed to excellence and contemporary approaches to education, OCAD U offers seventeen undergraduate programs, seven graduate programs, and a variety of continuing education courses in art, media and design. OCAD U is currently seeking outstanding, creative researchers/practitioners and gifted, collaborative teachers to augment its professoriate in this opportunity. It is an exciting time to join the OCAD U community as the University is at a key stage in its institutional transformation, with its Creative City Campus capital project and the implementation of its Academic Plan with six guiding principles: decolonization, diversity and equity, sustainability, valuing faculty, interdisciplinarity and health and wellness. FACULTY OF DESIGN TENURE-TRACK ASSISTANT PROFESSOR: INTERACTION DESIGN The Faculty of Design invites applications for a full-time tenure-track teaching position at the rank of Assistant Professor in Interaction Design. The undergraduate programs in Digital Futures, Graphic Design, and Industrial Design are seeking candidates capable of enhancing existing and future curriculum and research areas in the design of new interactive digital products and/or objects, exhibits or installations. A broad conception of interaction design is desired to fuel cross-disciplinary efforts between programs at the undergraduate level. The successful candidate will address the shifting political situations, financial structures, and ecological strategies that shape the contemporary practice of design through an engagement with speculative methodologies and emerging technologies. Under the ethos of Respectful Design, the Faculty of Design is committed to the decolonization of design in order to champion diversity, equity and inclusion and thus requires all applicants to demonstrate the same. This appointment is expected to commence on August 1, 2019 and is subject to budgetary approval. SUMMARY OF RESPONSIBILITIES The successful candidate will: teach across the Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Digital Futures undergraduate programs, with a primary home in the Industrial Design program maintain an active professional practice and/or research and scholarship within Interaction Design relevant to the lived experience of intersectional racialized and/or Indigenous epistemologies support the full expression of OCAD U students’ diverse identities through decolonizing, diverse, inclusive, and equitable pedagogies assume a key role in the development of the curriculum and pedagogical practices in relation to existing and emerging areas and course design and delivery methods for interaction design within industrial and graphic design disciplines perform course outline development, studio preparation, and course delivery inclusive of lectures, critiques, grading, mid-term evaluations and final evaluations/reviews, including responsibility for health & safety and meeting academic and curricular requirements and deadlines provide service to the program, Faculty, and University-wide governance system, as well as participate in building the University community and promoting the quality of student life and University culture QUALIFICATIONS The ideal candidate will have: a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline with a strong design background, or equivalent experience; PhD considered an asset a minimum of two (2) years previous experience teaching in interdisciplinary programs focusing on Interaction Design with speculative, critical, and/or inclusive approaches, or equivalent experience. Supervision of graduate students considered an asset a proven record of professional practice and/or research relevant to the lived experience of intersectional racialized and/or Indigenous epistemologies in Interaction Design a critical understanding of accessibility, co-design, and inclusive Interaction Design principles and practices as well as familiarity with the various Interaction Design professional communities experience proactively advancing decolonizing, diverse, inclusive, and equitable approaches to Interaction Design curriculum and teaching, professional activities and/or scholarship, and community building demonstrated understanding of the ways in which equity, Indigenous knowledge, and sustainability are fundamental to the quality of student experience, to innovative scholarship, and to design production a proven record of promoting a respectful and inclusive work and learning environment for students, staff, and faculty REMUNERATION Salary and rank will be commensurate with experience and qualifications with access to full benefits, and pension contribution after one year of service. APPLICATION DEADLINE Applications should include: a letter of intent stating the candidate’s interests in the areas of teaching, research/professional practice, and service to Faculty- and University-wide governance; a curriculum vitae; a statement of teaching philosophy that responds to the profile of the position; a statement of approach to decolonizing design praxis; evidence of teaching effectiveness (such as sample assignments, student feedback, course evaluations, etc.); a digital portfolio of recent work/publications (if applicable); and the names and contact information of three referees. All submissions must be in PDF format. Interested applicants are invited to submit their application in confidence, addressed to Chair, Interaction Design Tenure-Track Search Committee, Faculty of Design online by clicking the "Apply Now" button below. The review of applications will begin on Friday, February 22, 2019 and will continue until the position is filled. As an institution committed to art, design, digital media and related scholarship, OCAD University (OCAD U) recognizes the profound and essential value that diversity brings to the creation, reception and circulation of creative practices and discourse. OCAD U understands that valuing diverse creative practices and forms of knowledge are essential to, and enrich the institution’s core mission and vision as an art and design university with a local and global scope. As an employer committed to employment equity, we encourage applications from members of equity-seeking communities including women, racialized and Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, and persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions. We encourage members of equity-seeking groups to self-identify within the voluntary Applicant Questionnaire. In order to alleviate the under-representation of racialized and Indigenous tenure-track faculty, this position is open only to qualified racialized and Indigenous persons who self-identify as such in the application process. This initiative is a special program under the Ontario Human Rights Code. OCAD U is committed to providing an inclusive and barrier free experience to applicants with accessibility needs. Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage during the recruitment process. Please contact Human Resources for more information or refer to OCAD U’s Policy of Accommodation in Employment for Persons with Disabilities All qualified persons are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents of Canada will be given priority. While we thank all candidates for their interest, only those short-listed will be contacted.
  8. https://uhs.taleo.net/careersection/ex2_uhf/jobdetail.ftl?job=FAC000888&tz=GMT-05%3A00 Assistant Professor - Graphic Design - (FAC000888) Organization : H0083 Art Salary Commensurate with Experience Description: University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art The Graphic Design Program at the University of Houston invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track faculty position at the rank of assistant professor to begin fall 2019. Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications. The department is seeking outstanding candidates with the potential for exceptional research, excellence in teaching and a clear commitment to enhancing the diversity of the faculty, graduate, and undergraduate population. The graphic design faculty work closely with a tight-knit cohort of MFA and BFA students by merging the personal with the collaborative; acknowledging the influence of history within contemporary innovation; and understanding the power of information when it is communicated through storytelling. Our goal is to produce flexible and adaptable designers ready to contribute to positive social change. We seek a colleague who has a thorough understanding of the implications of design practice in relationship to broader social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological forces; has the ability to inspire students and to help them develop skills necessary for the translation of meaningful ideas into innovative and actionable solutions to real world problems; and can assist with the development and support of the program’s relationships with external partnerships, and non-profit institutions. Responsibilities: Responsibilities include developing curriculum, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, mentoring students, maintaining an ongoing record of design research and/or critical practice, sharing responsibility for all aspects of the Graphic Design program and serving on committees at the School, College and University levels. Required Application Documents: Cover letter CV Statement of teaching philosophy List of three professional references with contact information Portfolio of design research Portfolio of work by students Application Deadline: February 1, 2019 The University of Houston is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution. Minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Additionally, the University prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Qualifications: MFA or MDes in Graphic Design or the equivalent; college level teaching experience in a BFA graphic design program (minimum one year); and demonstrated record of professional design research and/or critical practice. Notes to Applicant: Official transcripts are required for a faculty appointment and will be requested upon selection of the final candidate. All positions at the university are security sensitive and will require a criminal history check. Required Attachments by Candidate: Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter/Letter of Application, Unofficial Transcripts, Teaching Philosophy or Statement, Portfolio
  9. https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/64841 Position Summary/Purpose of Position: The Department of Art at the University of Maryland invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor faculty position in Print and Expanded Media, beginning in August 2019. We seek candidates who embrace hybridity in an expanding field of theory and practice, and who are actively engaged in investigations of technologies that augment and influence contemporary print media. The candidate’s creative practice should reflect the ability to work within an interdisciplinary department and a print program that blends traditional processes with new media and digital augmentation. These practices may include but are not limited to: multiples, photography, performance, sculpture, installation, digital fabrication, physical computing and kinetic or other time-based approaches. The University of Maryland is an equal opportunity employer. The Department of Art is committed to increasing the diversity of the campus community. Candidates who have experience working with a diverse range of faculty, staff and students, and who can contribute to the climate of inclusivity, are encouraged to identify their experiences in these areas. Minorities and women who explore themes of identity, social categorizations, intersectionality, race, class, gender, and sexual orientation are encouraged to apply. This search is contingent upon the continued availability of funds. Expectations/Responsibilities Research: Maintain an active practice of creative research with a national and international trajectory through exhibition, publication, curatorial projects and other engagement in contemporary art. Teaching: ● Teach two undergraduate courses per semester in a range of printed media courses based upon the applicant’s areas of expertise. ● Advise and mentor MFA students in all disciplines on an individual basis, and take part in semester reviews with the collective graduate faculty. ● Advise and mentor undergraduate students in our Departmental Honors Program on an individual basis, and participate in a variety of group critiques with the collective Honors faculty. ● Serve as Director or committee member on MFA thesis committees. Service: ● Provide guidance in the adoption of emerging technologies in the Department of Art across disciplines, with particular attention paid to the digital media and print programs. ● Interact with academic units across campus on research and curricular initiatives regarding the implementation of new technologies. ● Participate in the oversight and administration of print media and related facilities within the Department of Art. ● Participate in the ongoing governance of the Department of Art. Minimum Qualifications: ● MFA or equivalent terminal degree. ● Demonstrable investment in the uses and implications of emerging technologies in the field of the printed image. ● A record of active creative research, as demonstrated through exhibition, publication or other creative practice that demonstrates a potential for national or international recognition. Preferences: In addition to the minimum qualifications, one or more of the following would be advantageous for an applicant: ● 2 years full time college-level teaching or equivalent. ● Involvement in and ability to teach studio, art theory and critical issues courses focusing on agency and social identity in contemporary art. ● Demonstrated ability to work effectively with colleagues and students, particularly in interdisciplinary and collaborative environments. ● Experience with curatorial projects. ● Experience with exhibition installation and design. Additional Certifications: Additional Information: Required Documents: 1. Cover letter that addresses creative research interests, teaching philosophy, diversity and community engagement. 2. Curriculum Vitae 3. List of three references (name, title and affiliation, mailing address, phone number, and email) 4. A PDF Portfolio of applicant’s work. Links to online work may be included. 5. A PDF Teaching portfolio including course syllabi, student work created within the past 5 years and any related materials. Website URL may also be included. Optional Documents 1. Writing Sample Posting Date:11/06/2018
  10. [Position no. 0084461, University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Arts and Humanities – Department of Art and Art History, tenure track, full-time, 9-month, to begin August 2019, pending position clearance and availability of funds. UHM is dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse and pluralistic faculty committed to teaching and working in a multicultural environment and strongly encourages applications from minorities and women.] The Department of Art and Art History at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is conducting a search for an Assistant Professor, tenure track, in graphic design. Specifically we are seeking applications from candidates who possess an understanding of the critical, historical and theoretical aspects of graphic design as well as an awareness of the ways in which traditional approaches to the discipline are evolving. The ideal candidate will be able to apply this understanding to UI/UX areas, including: motion graphics, interaction design, experience design, data visualization, mobile and/or other emergent technology applications for designers. The position is unique in that the selected candidate will have an active role in shaping the future of the Design Area at the University of Hawai‘i and its relationship to the Department, the larger University, and the local/global design community. The candidate will also be able to develop their own research and practice within the context of a large, extremely diverse urban area that is situated not only within the unequalled physical beauty of the Hawaiian islands, but in a singular position between the United States and Asia. Job Description The successful candidate will teach five courses per year across all levels of the graphic design curriculum. The candidate also will conduct research; work with graduate students; advise students; develop curricula; manage and supervise the design lab; participate in the governance of the department; and assume other duties as assigned by the Department Chair. Minimum Qualifications A terminal degree (i.e., MFA, MA, MDES, MGD, or equivalent degree) with a concentration in graphic design and an emphasis in its application to one or more of the following UI/UX areas: motion graphics, interaction design, experience design, data visualization, mobile and/or other emergent technology applications for designers. College-level teaching experience. Desirable Qualifications National exhibition/publication record; the ability to incorporate the critical, historical, and theoretical concerns of graphic design into teaching; and an interest in cross-disciplinary design collaborations within the department and with other areas within the university (i.e. architecture, computer science). Graphic Design at the University of Hawai‘i The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is a Carnegie I research university and the flagship institution of the ten-campus University of Hawai‘i system. Located in a lush tropical valley in a residential neighborhood of Honolulu (a city with approximately 400,000 residents) it enrolls about one-third of the system’s 50,000 students. The student body is highly diverse and includes international students from Asia, the Pacific, and Europe, as well as students from Hawai‘i, Alaska and the continental United States. The Design Area is located within the larger Department of Art and Art History—a comprehensive and diverse center in the Asia/Pacific region for the study of design, visual art, and art history. Comprising seven distinct media areas plus art history, the department combines seasoned faculty expertise with state-of-the-art facilities to provide an outstanding locus for study in design and the visual arts. Over the years the Department has sponsored a lively visiting designer, artist and scholar program that brings visitors to Honolulu for lectures and workshops that complement the regular activities of the Department. These visitors have included designers Irma Boom, Elizabeth Diller and Ric Scofidio, Michael Sorkin, Stefan Sagmeister, Massimo Vignelli; artists Xu Bing, Mel Chin, Hasan Elahi, Ann Hamilton, Mona Hatoum, Pepon Osorio, Lisa Reihana; and scholars Glenn Adamson, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Wu Hung, Lucy Lippard, and Lowrey Stokes Sims. This department initiative was complemented by design-specific programming in 2012, when the University of Hawai‘i was a partial sponsor of the AIGA Educators conference: Geographics: Design, Education and the Transnational Terrain—a conference that brought over one hundred and fifty designers and scholars from twenty-three countries to Honolulu. Conference speakers included: Peter Hall, Russell Kennedy, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Sharon Poggenpohl, Ella Shohat, and Lucille Tenezas. This environment provides a unique and rich context for faculty and students to thrive. Over the past twenty years, the graphic design area has been recognized internationally, nationally and locally for its excellence. Graphic design work from current students, alumni, and faculty has been exhibited internationally and nationally by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) in New York, the Society for Experiential Design (SEGD), The Type Director’s Club in New York, The Art Director’s Club, Eye magazine, Print magazine, and How magazine. Locally, graphic design students have repeatedly won awards from the Honolulu Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Hawai‘i chapter of the American Advertising Federation. To Apply Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter indicating how you satisfy the minimum and desirable qualifications, C.V., statement of teaching philosophy, portfolio with 20 samples of personal work and 20 samples of works by students, transcripts (copies are acceptable, however, official/original transcripts will be required at the point of hire), and names and contact information of 3 professional references. Electronic submissions are accepted by UH FileDrop Service at https://www.hawaii.edu/filedrop/ with the expiration timer for the file upload set to 7 days (attn: Becky O’Reilly at oreillyr@hawaii.edu) or hard copies may be mailed to: Design Search, Attn: Becky O'Reilly / Department of Art and Art History, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, 2535 McCarthy Mall, Room 142, Honolulu, HI 96822. Sequence all images into a single PDF and label each image file in the PDF. Digital Images should be formatted as JPEG (RGB) files. JPEGs should be no smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side, at 72 ppi. Time- or Web-Based Work, Video, Sound, and Animation can be submitted as Mac OS compatible MOV, MP4, AVI formats. Provide URLs for web-based works. Also provide concise printed instructions for viewing/listening to time-based or web-based work. These instructions are especially important for reviewing web-based material that the reviewers might otherwise browse randomly. Time-based work should be limited to 10 minutes. Inquiries Search Committee Chair Anne Bush (anneb@hawaii.edu) or 808-554-2491. Review of applications will begin on January 11, 2019, and will continue until the position is filled. Applications received by this date will be assured of full consideration.
  11. https://ehef.id/post/top-5-graphic-design-schools-europe I am not familiar with this organization... but I'm always wondering how things are done on the other side of the pond...
  12. https://jobs.oakland.edu/postings/15141 The successful applicant must have a record of or potential for excellence in teaching at the undergraduate level. The candidate must be able to teach a wide range of undergraduate graphic design courses with the ability to teach both print and digital mediums, ranging from the 2000-level to the 4000-level. Applicants must be proficient in current industry software applications. Candidates with experience with motion graphics / motion design software, as well as web prototyping or interactive design applications may be given higher consideration. Candidates should have strong professional and student portfolios, an understanding of design history and theory, the aptitude to articulate design ideas through professional practice and personal research, and an interest in community and department service. Candidates with design industry experience may be given higher consideration. Candidates must demonstrate experience with or a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Minimum Qualifications MFA degree in Graphic Design or related field from an accredited institution Special Instructions to Applicants To apply, please upload a cover letter, curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy, design philosophy, diversity statement, unofficial transcripts, personal creative portfolio (either a single PDF or a document with the URL to link to the portfolio) and a student work portfolio (either a single PDF or document with the URL to link to the portfolio). Applicants will be asked for the names and email addresses of three references in the application process. References will be contacted to upload the letter of reference directly. Application materials will only be accepted through the online application system (mailed or emailed applications will not be considered.) Inquiries should be directed to Kimberly Parker, Search Committee Chair, kfparker@oakland.edu.
  13. https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu/psp/cnyepprd/GUEST/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?Page=HRS_CE_JOB_DTL&Action=A&JobOpeningId=19550&SiteId=1&PostingSeq=1 The Art Department of the City College of New York invites applications for the position of tenure-track Assistant Professor in Visual Communication and/or Graphic Design in the Electronic Design and Multimedia (EDM) program. Candidates should be prepared to teach courses in typography (foundation and advanced levels), design theory, design methodology, brand identity, publication design and interface design to BA and BFA students, plus a possible graduate course in the Art Department's Digital Interdisciplinary Art Practice (DIAP) program. Candidates should demonstrate conceptual exploration and practical experience across a full range of graphic design-centric digital media used in the graphic design discipline and should be comfortable with the integration of design and media production for print and screen. Position includes shared responsibility for Electronic Design and Multimedia program administration as well as department and university committee work and student advisement (including advising on BFA students' Senior Thesis). QUALIFICATIONS The candidate must have a Masters in Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Visual Communication, or a related area of digital media practice. Candidate should have two years of professional working experience in the field of graphic design or closely related area and at least one-year of full time teaching experience at the university level, or equivalent, preferred. Candidate must maintain an outstanding creative portfolio with evidence of ongoing creative research. Candidate should have superb organizational and administrative skills, should be Mac OS and Adobe Creative Cloud-savvy, and should be conversant in design history, design theory/methodology, and current directions in graphic design and technology. Success in obtaining funding through grant applications or industry partnerships is extremely desirable. COMPENSATION CUNY offers faculty a competitive compensation and benefits package covering health insurance, pension and retirement benefits, paid parental leave, and savings programs. We also provide mentoring and support for research, scholarship, and publication as part of our commitment to ongoing faculty professional development. HOW TO APPLY If you are viewing this job posting in CUNYfirst, please click on "Apply Now'' at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. If you are viewing this job posting externally, please apply as follows: - Go to www.cuny.edu and click on "Employment" - Click "Search job listings" - Click on "More options to search for CUNY jobs" - Search by Job Opening ID number 19550 - Click on the "Apply Now" button and follow the instructions. Applications, including the following must be uploaded to the CUNYfirst job application website: (1) Cover Letter (2) Curriculum Vitae (3) Artist Statement (4) Statement of Teaching Philosophy (samples of other expository writing encouraged) (5) Diversity Statement (6) List of Names and Contact Information for Three Referees (7) 15-20 Images of Professional Work (8) Not more than 15 Images of Student Work, and a work sample list. Please provide evidence of excellent administrative and communication skills. Visual samples must be combined into a single multipage PDF or numbered JPEGs (at 72 dpi with maximum dimensions of 1024 on largest side). Combined materials must not exceed 20MB and name of file should not exceed ten (10) characters, incomplete application packages will not be considered. Please contact Katrice Henderson khenderson@ccny.cuny.edu or (212)650-7420 with questions. CLOSING DATE Open until filled with application review to begin on 12/1/2018 JOB SEARCH CATEGORY CUNY Job Posting: Faculty EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY CUNY encourages people with disabilities, minorities, veterans and women to apply. At CUNY, Italian Americans are also included among our protected groups. Applicants and employees will not be discriminated against on the basis of any legally protected category, including sexual orientation or gender identity. EEO/AA/Vet/Disability Employer.
  14. https://miamioh.hiretouch.com/job-details?jobID=6368&job=assistant-associate-professor Job ID: 6368 Tenure-track Assistant/Associate Professor in Communication Design to begin August 2019. Design at Miami OH: http://designmiamioh.org and @designmiamioh Experience Design MFA: xd.miamioh.edu and @xdmiamioh Duties/Physical Demands: Responsibilities will include teaching and advising in communication design at the undergraduate and graduate level; creative work and/or research; and provide service to the institution. Minimum Qualifications: MFA or equivalent terminal degree in graphic design, communication design, experience design or related area (by start date appointment). For appointment as Associate Professor require an established record of teaching and creative endeavors. Preferred Qualifications: Consideration may be given to candidates with professional experience in the field, teaching experience, a strong knowledge of the communication/graphic design field including software and production expertise, or skills in interaction design. For Inquiries for Posting, Contact: Erin Beckloff Posting Inquiries Contact Information (phone, email...): erin.beckloff@miamioh.edu Date to Begin Screening: 01/07/2019 Required Documents: Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae, Multi Media, Teaching Philosophy Special Instructions to Applicant: URL of personal website for portfolio samples (as multi media), samples of student work if available (as other); letters of recommendation will be requested by department at a later date. Application Types Accepted: Faculty Criminal Background Check Required: Yes
  15. http://w3.bilkent.edu.tr/bilkent/department-of-communication-and-design/ The Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University invites applications for appointments beginning with the academic year 2018-19, or to start in Spring 2018. We seek to hire two faculty members at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank: one is a research-based position, the other is practice-based. Qualifications for the research-based Assistant/Associate Professor position: D. in media studies or a closely related subject Research experience and a strong publication record in media theory Ability to teach media production preferred, but not required Qualifications for the practice-based Assistant/Associate Professor position: D. or MFA Strong portfolio of work in media production, multiple forms (animation, film, other media) a plus International publications Candidates are expected to teach a range of film and media studies courses from the core department curriculum, plus advanced lecture courses in one or more of the following areas: Media theory Communication and media technologies Media and cultural criticism Animation Interactive media design Post-production Faculty members are expected to engage in scholarly research, creative teaching, and service to the department and university. The language of instruction is English. Bilkent University is an equal opportunity employer with an international body of faculty and students. The faculty is comprised of academic staff from around 40 different countries. Bilkent University ranks 28th in Times Higher Education’s 100 Under 50 list of the world’s best young universities. Benefits include a comprehensive health insurance and on-campus housing. For more information about Bilkent University and the Department of Communication and Design, please visit http://w3.bilkent.edu.tr/bilkent/ and http://www.comd.bilkent.edu.tr/ Applicants should submit a letter of application, describing the focus of current research and teaching activities, a current CV, a writing sample of no more than 20 pages, and three letters of recommendation. Additional materials may be requested at a later point. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and the review will continue until the position is filled.
  16. https://design.cmu.edu/facultysearch/ Qualifications The School of Design is looking for tenure or teaching track faculty, especially at the assistant professor rank. Successful applicants will teach at all levels of the undergraduate and masters programs, frequently team-teach with colleagues from complementary disciplines, and serve as thesis advisors to masters students, and doctoral students where appropriate. The School invites collaborative applicants with the following qualifications. We are particularly interested in candidates who can bridge across multiple areas of expertise listed below. 1. A design masters degree or equivalent professional expertise in one or more of the following design disciplines: Communication or Graphic design: emphasis on the exploration of communication design in real-world contexts with strong graphic design underpinnings (stellar understanding and application of typography, imaging, grid systems, color, composition, etc.), and a demonstrated agility in a range of digital media (knowledge of, and practice in, screen-based communication and prototyping tools). Interaction design: emphasis on pioneering work that expands our experience of products, environments, systems, and services, through a hybridity of digital and physical means. Candidates should have a keen interest in emerging technologies (e.g. conversational interfaces, artificial intelligence and mixed reality) and a range of prototyping approaches. Service design: emphasis on interaction design, social, and environmental concerns, and a familiarity with the theoretical and practical foundations of service design and their implications in broad contexts. 2. University level teaching experience at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels or equivalent professional experience. We are especially interested in candidates who are willing and qualified to teach at all levels of the curriculum. 3. Additional expertise in one or more of the following areas is welcomed: Narrative & storytelling User experience Design for sustainability Social design Design thinking & strategy Design studies
  17. https://jobs.hr.txstate.edu/postings/23678 Position Description The School of Art and Design features many areas of study and offers five undergraduate programs — communication design, studio, photography, art education, and art history. It also offers an MFA program in communication design. Our programs are nationally and regionally recognized, including our BFA and MFA in communication design. We believe in fostering conceptual and technical abilities necessary for artistic expression, and our more than 80 diverse faculty members support this effort. We are seeking a communication design educator, researcher, and BFA program coordinator to help lead our large and already successful area into an even more promising future by keeping pace with an ever-changing industry. Responsibilities include: • Coordinate BFA Communication Design Program (course scheduling, program communication, curriculum, purchasing, personnel and general management). • Teach at the BFA and/or MFA level as assigned by the Director. • Pursue research/creative activity in relevant discipline and maintain a substantive record of professional/peer recognition. • Engage in service to the school, college, university, community and profession. Texas State University, an emerging research university, offers more than 200 undergraduate and post-graduate degrees through our nine academic colleges. Located in San Marcos, it is well situated between the vibrant design and technology communities in Austin and San Antonio. Texas State University is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer. The University strives to cultivate a diversity of people and ideas, a spirit of inclusiveness, a global perspective, and a sense of community as essential conditions for campus life (www.txstate.edu/about/mission). Women, members of minority and underrepresented groups, persons with disabilities and veterans are encouraged to apply. Required Qualifications • An MFA, MDes, or PhD degree in communication design, visual communication, graphic design or related discipline completed by date of hire. • A record of successful college-level teaching in communication design • A record of professional accomplishments in research/creative activity within the area of communication design. • Leadership experience within academic, corporate/industry or community environments. • Demonstrated engagement in service to school, college, university, community and/or profession. • Knowledge of and experience with computer-mediated technologies and core software applications relevant to the communication design discipline (e.g., Macintosh OS, Adobe Creative Suite). • Strong conceptual and formal design skills. • Excellent oral and written communication skills. • To be eligible for hire at the associate professor rank, candidate must meet the requirements for that rank as established by the school. The successful applicant will receive the appropriate rank and title based on established university and school standards. • In addition to the requirements for associate professor, appointment at the professor rank requires an extensive and sustained record of quality research as well as an outstanding record of service, and leadership that would qualify the candidate for tenure at Texas State. Preferred Qualifications • Demonstrated management experience (i.e., personnel, budgetary, scheduling, purchasing). • Graduate-level research/thesis supervision and advising experience. • Curriculum development for communication design. • Successful funding procurement and grant activity. • A record of full-time teaching experience. • Online teaching experience. • Demonstrated commitment to diversity.
  18. https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/work-for-us/job-vacancies/academic-433-professor-in-design We are seeking an internationally renowned scholar to lead a critical and strategic approach to reframing the narrative and direction of Design, embracing design-led innovation, socio-cultural, ecological, environmental, technological and methodological perspectives. Your research portfolio will align with one or more of our multidisciplinary research and enterprise themes: which currently are based in the areas of Critically Aware Design (this could include issues around sutainabilty and Design), Wellbeing, Business and Publics, Making and Materials. The successful candidate who will grow and consolidate our global reputation through research and professional practice; initiate new and impactful research projects individually and in collaboration with colleagues and a range of high-profile institutions and external partners; generate external income; supervise PhD students; contribute to a collaborative research community within the School of Design and make a significant contribution to the leadership and development of research and knowledge exchange within the School and wider Faculty. The successful candidate will hold a PhD or equivalent, and will have developed an excellent publication and research track record or industrial equivalent in design research. It is essential that they have exceptional written and verbal communication skills; relevant teaching and postgraduate supervisory experience; people and organisational leadership skills; and the ability to develop and ‘win’ significant external funding bids. They should also be able to demonstrate a willingness to work as part of a team and to take on administrative and management tasks, as required within a vibrant School of Design. For informal enquiries about this post please contact: Dr Heather Robson, Head of the School of Design h.robson@northumbria.ac.uk
  19. https://careers.newschool.edu/postings/16244 Location: New York City Position Type: Full Time Faculty Position Status: Full-Time Department: PSD/School of Art, Media and Technology/Faculty Responsibilities: Parsons School of Design, a college of The New School, seeks candidates for Assistant Professor of Interaction and Media Design, a renewable term faculty position in the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons. Candidates should demonstrate expertise in one or more of the following areas: experience design, interaction design, virtual reality, mixed reality, and experimental storytelling. This interdisciplinary position brings together the thematics of immersion, interaction, and spatial/temporal to engage across domains at the university. The New School is committed to actively recruiting applicants from a diverse pool. We encourage candidates from groups underrepresented in US higher education to apply. The Assistant Professor will be expected to teach undergraduate as well as graduate courses, and students from a variety of disciplines across Parsons. The standard teaching load is 5 courses or equivalent per academic year. The faculty member will hold regular office hours, and participate in extracurricular activities on a regular basis (e.g., critiques, review panels, thesis supervision, independent study, advising, Parsons/New School committees, etc.). University citizenship includes rotating leadership roles that may include chairing committees and task forces and directing degree programs. The Assistant Professor is expected to engage with current professional, scholarly and creative practices as appropriate to their appointed rank. Candidates will have the capacity to direct a degree program in the field, and will be an active member of school and university committees. Program directors (who receive course release) work within a leadership team to create curriculum and implement support for curricula, policies, and facility designs that are responsive to and respectful of diverse users. The final decision to hire is subject to budget approval by the Office of the Provost. Minimum Qualifications: - A terminal degree in interaction and new media technologies or broadly related field, or equivalent experience. - Must be active in the field of experience design, interaction design, virtual reality, mixed reality, and experimental storytelling. - At least 1-3 years teaching experience at the university level. - Ability to develop and nurture individual student’s design abilities and a strong commitment to progressive design education. - Strong interest in working collaboratively across Parsons and the University, and with external partners towards the development of shared projects and initiatives. - Ability to work effectively as part of a team. - Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, including the ability to meet deadlines, communicate and motivate effectively.
  20. https://www.designresearchsociety.org/events/graphic-design-educators-network-2018-conference-uk When Starts: 06 Sep 2018 @ 1:00am BST Ends: 07 Sep 2018 @ 11:00pm BST School of Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK W * * C H C R A F T ? Exploring notions of craft within contemporary graphic design education By definition, craft describes both the act of making things by hand and the art of persuasion. This double meaning resonates with the discipline of Graphic Design as so much of our practice is wrapped up in how and why we create communication. New technology has certainly increased our craft and influence, often beguiling our users. However, its dark art also questions our magician’s status as artificial intelligence generates increasingly persuasive autonomous design. By contrast, the ubiquity of technology-driven solutions has also created a greater appetite for bespoke design crafted by the human hand. Therefore as our field of expertise continues to evolve – fusing, multiplying, specialising – and the mystery and power of its application grows, deciding what to learn and how to study it is a prevalent question for both aspiring and established designers and educators. From designer-makers to digital strategists let us share, explore and debate the w**chcraft inherent in the practice and education of contemporary graphic design. Presenters will discuss a range of topics on graphic design education from design practice, research, history, theory and criticism.
  21. https://www.imsearch.com/search-detail/S6-479 Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) seeks an outstanding Provost to serve as the academic leader of a leading art and design institution. The Provost will lead and support the evolution of innovative, student-driven programs in academic and student affairs and represent a stellar faculty, one that is increasingly diverse. This position offers the rare opportunity to build on a strong legacy and further advance a dynamic institution with a global reach, an appetite for big ideas, and an optimistic outlook. Working closely with faculty, administration, staff, and the student body, the Provost will ensure that RISD maintains its record of excellence and will set the vision for the academic future of its unique model of education. RISD seeks a Provost with a clear vision, a collaborative style, a deep understanding of contemporary values of equity and inclusion, and a commitment to advancing communities of students, scholars, artists, and designers. Demonstrated leadership experience in a higher education setting, sound organizational management experience, and the willingness and appetite to serve as a thought leader in arts and design education are essential qualifications for the position.
  22. http://www.artcenter.edu/about/employment/Chair-Product-Design.html The Chair of the Product Design department reports to the Provost, provides vision, leadership and is broadly responsible for ensuring educational excellence and the ongoing successful operations of the Product Design educational program. Responsibilities include planning, oversight, and operational management of the department’s curriculum, budget, and initiatives as well as organizational leadership for staff, faculty, and students. The Chair is responsible for defining the mission of the department in alignment with the College’s mission and strategic plan. Qualifications At least 10 years of Professional and/or academic experience demonstrating ability to lead educational excellence in the Product Design field of study and practice. College degree in Industrial Design or related field from an accredited college or university The ability to develop effective curriculum appropriate to the Product Design field of study and practice Ability to develop and maintain valuable working relationships with educational partners in companies, alumni, educational institutions and /or other organizations relevant to the department Strong presentation, and communication skills — verbal, written, and visual. Ability to organize and complete multiple tasks in parallel that require close attention to detail within stringent deadlines. Ability to handle confidential information with tact and discretion and recognizes the confidential nature of ArtCenter business Must be able to work with and understand our culturally diverse student and faculty body with their needs and goals Demonstrated experience in and a commitment to diversity, and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships within Art Center’s diverse communities Preferred Qualifications Advanced College degree in Industrial Design or related field from an accredited college or university Experience and knowledge of NASAD and WASC accreditation Affiliation with industry organizations such as IDSA, CUMULUS and DMI
  23. Quinnipiac is looking for online faculty for the Masters program. The Quinnipiac University School of Communications Interactive Media + Communications Master’s program has needs for part time online faculty in a number of areas. These courses are delivered in a seven-week format throughout the year. Our QU Online division has excellent technological and logistical support for those of us teaching online. We are hoping to spread this search far and wide, so please forward to any colleagues you think might be interested. The most immediate need, however, is for a new course called ICM 513 Content Strategy which will be running online in the Fall semester. The basic outline in development is attached. More information on the program and curriculum can be found here: https://www.qu.edu/schools/communications/programs/ms-interactive-media-online.html Qualifications: Minimum of Master’s degree (terminal degree preferred) and professional experience in the field Subject Areas: including, but not limited to the theories and practice of Social Media, UI, UX, Innovative Video & Audio, Design Thinking (all aspects of the methods and processes,) Content Strategy and Development, and Writing Across Media (we will also need faculty for a 15 week on-ground offering of our writing course for Spring 2019.) Please forward this to anyone you may know teaching or working in the subject areas. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Pattie Belle Hastings (PattieBelle.Hastings@qu.edu) directly and to send a resume and portfolio (where applicable.)
  24. https://jobs.hr.txstate.edu/postings/22606 Texas State University is looking for a passionate teacher of communication design to join our team. We are seeking candidates with excellent teaching abilities and a robust communication design research agenda. The successful candidate will be part of this vibrant program and contribute to the ever-changing design discipline. Responsibilities include: • Teach up to three courses per semester at the BFA and/or the MFA level. • Participate in curriculum development. • Pursue research/creative activity and building a substantive record of professional/peer recognition. • Engage in service to the school, college, university, community and profession. • Optional academic leadership involvement. Eligible applicants must have: • An MFA or MDes degree in communication design, visual communication, graphic design, interactive design, or related discipline completed by date of hire. • A record of professional accomplishments in research/creative activity within the area of communication design. • Demonstrated expertise in typography. • Demonstrated knowledge in design utilizing current and emerging interactive technologies. • Successful college-level teaching experience (faculty of record, student teaching accepted) in the area of communication design. • Strong design mechanics and conceptual skills. • Excellent oral and written communication skills. • Knowledge of and experience with computer-mediated technologies and core software applications relevant to the communication design discipline (e.g., Macintosh OS, Adobe Creative Suite). • A commitment to diversity and inclusion in teaching.
  25. https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu/psp/cnyepprd/GUEST/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?Page=HRS_CE_JOB_DTL&Action=A&JobOpeningId=18259&SiteId=1&PostingSeq=1 (All qualified Communication Design educators in the specialties described below will be seriously considered.) City Tech invites applications for a tenure-track position teaching Advertising: Copywriting and Conceptual Art Direction in the Communication Design Department at the Assistant Professor level, to begin during the Fall 2018 academic semester. The communication design program currently offers courses in: Advertising Design; Animation/Illustration; Graphic Design; Web Design; and Motion Graphics. The Assistant Professor will teach basic, intermediate and advanced advertising copywriting and/or art direction concept courses. Teaching assignments may include day, evening and Saturday courses. Service will include participation in department advisement, curriculum development, student activities and college-wide committees. The Assistant Professor will be expected to pursue creative, scholarly and professional activities at a level appropriate to the communication design profession. QUALIFICATIONS MFA, MPS or equivalent master’s degree required plus a sustained record of relevant professional experience for tenure. Preferred qualifications: - The preferred candidate will have a professional advertising art or copy portfolio demonstrating concept development expressed in multiple media channels including web, mobile, direct marketing, email, outdoor, app design, interactive interface design and social media. - Grant application experience and industry support for educational initiatives. Experience writing for broadcast or digital. Five plus years of professional experience along with university level teaching experience.
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