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  1. https://rgdhub.wufoo.com/forms/design-educators-conference-call-for-abstracts RGD is pleased to announce the return of our Design Educators Conference as a 3-day event taking place virtually October 21 to 23. The Conference has 5 themes: Empower [the learners]: How do you empower students to become active learners? How do we train and create an ecosystem of resilience? Embrace [the classroom]: What does the future classroom look like? What are the methodologies, technology and/or practices we need to embrace to move forward? Expand [the experience]: How do we decide who and what to include in the experience of design education? Engage [with external participation]: How does design education engage with society, with our student’s lives, with the industry at large? Equity [within all spaces]: How can we better integrate inclusion, accessibility, and equal opportunities for all students and participants in education? The Conference will consist of: 2-3 Keynote Sessions (60 minutes each) 5 Themed Sessions (60 minutes each with 3 20-minute Presentations) 6-12 Roundtable Sessions (60 minutes of discussion each, some with 1 presentation of 5 to 20 minutes with facilitated discussion) Slack Workspace for discussion amongst attendees. Call for Abstracts RGD welcomes submissions from educators and industry professionals from around the world that address any of these themes from a variety of perspectives. Selected presenters will receive a complimentary pass to the Conference. Abstracts will be reviewed by an Abstract Review Panel. Selected presenters will be notified by October 1 if their proposals are selected for inclusion in the Conference. Following the Conference, select presenters will be asked to contribute to a PDF publication of the Conference proceedings. See the 2015 publication here. Deadline for submissions: September 4, 2020 Submit here. Please send questions to education@rgd.ca.
  2. The theme of the conference is Analogue and Digital Call for participations: Early call for entries. Design Education Forum 2020 will take place in Spain on the 5 and 6th of November 2020 and will explore the relationship between analogue and digital in Art and Design Education. To view last year's event, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IRBSSXwCPw&t=7s We are endorsed by WDO and the Chartered Society of Designers, the Type Archive, creative consience and many others. There are three ways of participating: A five minute video presentation A 10-15 min remote / physical presentation An online workshop Register your interest for Valencia Design Education Forum 2020 5th and 6th of November2020: https://forms.gle/6sdRBUv6QMaVSLn8A
  3. The deadline for submissions is March 30, 2020 11:59 PM CST. https://taylor.tulane.edu/design-thinking/pivot/?fbclid=IwAR1YDvlugaR-FH3v6ZTwVIYaLEOs-n_tj3I-jknqZE1LknajAhU9reXtee4 PIVOT 2020 will transition to a one-day virtual event, to build community among researchers. We are creating a schedule for the day and updating the call for participation. The coordinating team is excited to envision what a virtual gathering can offer. Submissions may address one or more of the following themes:  Strengthening centers at the margins Moving the Center Widening the Center Connecting multiple centers Teaching across centers and margins Unlearning oppression Building bridges Global/local challenges Building empathy across centers Alternative modes of practice – between “centers” and “margins”.
  4. https://segd.org/2020-segd-academic-summit-call-papers 2020 Call for Papers - Process and Products In Spring, SEGD issues a Call for Papers inviting academics, educators, researchers and design professionals to submit paper abstracts that address the latest issues, trends and innovation relevant to the field of experiential graphic design. Submission requirements and important dates are detailed in the 2020 SEGD Academic Summit | Call for Papers. Recent papers featured developments and advancements in design curriculum with a focus on transforming the search experience, alternative exhibit spaces and methods, and introducing students to the design process. See last year's published papers in the 2019 Communication+Place | SEGD Academic Research Journal. Submit your abstract to Christina Lyonsat FIT. The deadline to submit for the 2020 Academic Summitis March 9, 2020. Once received, your abstract will be reviewed by the SEGD Academic Task Force. Leading the SEGD Academic Task Force is Christina Lyons, Professor and Chairperson of the Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design programat the Fashion Institute of Technology. "The Task Force looks for papers that push the industry forward with new ways of thinking, teaching and executing experiential graphics," says Lyons. "The Task Force invites these ideas to come from across the design community—educators, practitioners and students alike." Selected papers will be presented in person on June 10, 2020 at the 2020 SEGD Academic Summit. The 2020 SEGD Academic Summit, on June 10, 2020, in Portland, Oregon precedes the 2020 SEGD Conference Experience Portland (June 11-13). The Summit will bring together educators, students, researchers and practitioners from the field of experiential graphic design. "Our annual Academic Summit benefits from the highly innovative educators who submit papers to our peer-reviewed process," says Ann Makowski, SEGD's Interim CEO. "The result? A robust educational conference that brings leaders in experiential graphic design education together to share their successes and highlight where the field is going." Papers presented at the Academic Summit will be published in SEGD’s online academic journal Communication+Place, which features the latest peer-reviewed experiential design research and innovation from leading global academic institutions. Papers presented at the 2020 SEGD Academic Summit will be featured in Communication+Place. "The selected papers for both presentation at the Academic Summit and for publication in Communication+Place serve as inspiration and industry benchmarks to designers, students and researchers," continues Christina Lyons. "This is the source for thoroughly researched and tested experiential graphic design topics from the field, as well as innovations in design curriculum."
  5. http://www.digitallyengagedlearning.net/2019/submission-guidelines/ As this year is the Bauhaus' centennial, our theme is “Teaching Futures”. What do you think the next 100 years of art & design education should look like, and what have you taught/speculated on that you would like to share? Read on for more details and be in touch if you have any questions. This year’s awesome keynote speakers are Leah Gilliam and Zach Lieberman! Please be in touch if you have any questions. Warm regards, Cynthia Lawson
  6. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWTAHKajrYjwH3iyMOer_SxxCwJabIsfyQT0DW-QICo3dqBA/viewform We are writing to announce a new opportunity to help shape the Annual Conference session content. Beginning this year, the Annual Conference Committee will appoint a Council of Readers to serve a crucial role in the review process, reading proposals submitted by CAA members for CAA2020 Chicago. The Council will be tasked with reading proposals within their specialty and will provide their time, knowledge, and expertise of their fields to help shape the conference content. A few key points: The Council of Readers is group of 50 to 75 CAA members from Professional Committees, Affiliated Societies, and general membership overseen by the Annual Conference chair. The reading and reviewing of proposals will occur in May and must be completed by the end of May. Each member of the Council of Readers reviews no more than 60 proposals. Take a look at the form for more details and apply. https://goo.gl/forms/pJr9ZkrQJ2E06X8q2 Please share opportunity with other CAA members! Thanks and best, Cali Buckley on behalf of the Annual Conference Committee Cali Buckley Grants and Special Programs Manager CAA - Advancing Art & Design 212-392-4435
  7. https://educators.aiga.org/decipher2018/ Decipher, a hands-on design research conference brought to you by the AIGA Design Educators Community in partnership with the new DARIA Network (Design as Research in the Americas). The event will address crucial themes of defining, doing, disseminating, supporting, and teaching design research. Decipher 2018: Design Educators Research Conference Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at University of Michigan September 27–29 2018 Call for Participation (PDF) Hosted by the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at University of Michigan.
  8. http://chicagodesignconference.com/ This conference proposes design as a timely lens through which to re-examine the history of Chicago, a city whose past encompasses the major national and international themes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and exemplifies how geography, demographics, and politics intertwined to shape the emergence of modern design in an urban environment. Taking a broad view of design, we sought papers that shed light on practices of fashion, graphic design, architecture, interiors, decorative arts, advertising, and industrial design in Chicago between the early nineteenth century and the end of the twentieth century and that represent a diverse range of methodological viewpoints. Moreover, in order to reckon more fully with the complex interplay of grand narratives and complex local realities, we encouraged papers from any discipline that take design as a lens through which to explore aspects of the city’s history not typically considered within the frameworks of art and architecture that have largely defined the history of design in Chicago to date.
  9. We recently published a white paper on best practices when developing an abstract. This is especially useful for submissions to a conference, journal, or other academic publication where you would be presenting, writing, or discussing your thoughts about design research and practice. https://designincubation.com/category/publications/white-papers/ It is an easy-to-read guide that breaks down the structure and purpose of each element of an academic abstract. It is a go-to document that makes easy the work of developing your ideas succinctly. Please use and share with your colleagues and students.
  10. http://drslxd19.id.metu.edu.tr/call-for-papers/ 5th International Conference for Design Education Researchers Middle East Technical University Campus, Ankara Call for Papers, deadline November 19, 2018 Conference dates: July 9–12, 2019. The LearnXdesign is a conference series by DRS Special Interest Group in Design Pedagogy (PedSIG), cultivating symbiotic exchanges between design education and design research. The first symposium in the series was held in Paris in 2011 and covered a small number of invited presentations mainly by British and continental European researchers. The Oslo 2013 and Chicago 2015 conferences were embraced by the design education research community at large and involved an impressive number of contributions across design disciplines and educational levels representing diverse traditions in research and education. And finally, the fourth conference was hosted by Ravensbourne University London in 2017. The Fifth International Conference for Design Education Researchers will be hosted by Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Industrial Design between 9-12 July 2019. We are truly excited to invite you all to our Ankara campus characterized by its unique natural and built environment as well as by its egalitarian culture and open intellectual milieu. Despite Turkey’s becoming an uneasy passage from multiple conflict zones to tightened EU borders, our department will have quite a few occasions to celebrate in the coming year. The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first course on industrial design offered in Turkey, at METU Faculty of Architecture by the American industrial designer David K. Munro. The same year we will also be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of our department as a separate academic unit at METU. We feel that design education matters more than ever!
  11. https://www.designsummit.paris/ CFP https://pds.shoroom.co/wp-content/uploads/Call_for_professional_proposals_and_for_academic_abstracts.pdf February 20-22, 2019, Palais des Congrès de Paris Researchers, Students, Practitioners! You are invited to the Paris Design Summit to present your Projects and Papers! Join us and the next generation of scientists, design practitioners and educators, a variety of professionals, elected officials and engaged citizens in sharing ideas, and disseminating knowledge about Design for All. There will be extensive media coverage, and a great forum to have your voice heard. There is no cost for submission, and conference registration fees will be waived for speakers IMPORTANT DATES Call for contributions: June 5, 2018 Online Submission Deadline for the full abstract: September 9, 2018 Notification of acceptance/refusal: mid-September 2018 Submission of presentations for publication: September 28, 2018 Registration deadline for accepted presenters: October 12, 2018 Final congress program: January 12, 2019 Presentation file submission: January 15-February 5, 2019 Congress presentations: 20-22 February, 2019, Palais des Congrès, Paris www.designsummit.paris secretariat@designsummit.paris
  12. October 27, 2018, at the SUNY Oswego Syracuse Campus (2 S Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202) Employers are increasingly expecting recent design graduates to know and apply principles of accessibility in the workplace, while colleges and universities are under pressure to be more inclusive. Inclusive design is a familiar term to design educators, but many faculty professionals and academics remain unsure about to embed inclusive practices into their courses and assignments. This one-day symposium will explore how to address these emerging issues in our teaching. We encourage all participants to come willing to share materials, resources, and ideas they have experimented within their own classes including first-year experiences and the graduate level. This Design EDU Roundtable series highlights local knowledge and expertise while exploring the opportunities and challenges of teaching design in Upstate New York. Each roundtable event is a one-day symposium designed to emphasize dialogue and collaborative problem-solving. Educators at all levels (K-12, Undergraduate and graduate) and graduate students are invited to participate. Call for Proposals: Designers and educators are invited to submit proposals for roundtable discussions relevant inclusion (and exclusion) in design education Educators whose proposals are accepted will be asked to frame a topic/conversation in a ten-minute presentation, and to moderate a subsequent 30-minute discussion/activity. We plan to have 4-5 discussions throughout the day. Attendees will participate in all discussions. Possible proposed topics include (but are not limited to): How do you deal with discussions of access, disability and other touchy topics in a classroom? How can a design classroom address the needs of students with cognitive disabilities (providing concrete strategies for how you work with them in the classroom?) Where and how should questions of access be dealt with in design curricula (Foundation level? Advanced special topics)? Can you offer specific assignments or case studies that you use in your teaching? Do you know of historical models of access that are pertinent to the design classroom? Teaching in other countries? Where/how do we need to bring in experts from other fields and disciplines to provide the breadth and depth our students need to be successful? What examples of inclusive design or beautiful accessibility should we share with students to inspire and model good practices? What resources are missing or need to be created to support design faculty? Proposal format: Interested in leading one of these discussions? Submit your short proposal (100-200 words) describing the accessibility-related topic that interests you and the questions you would like to use to guide the discussion using our submission form. Proposals will be accepted through September 20th. AIGA Upstate New York Design EDU Roundtable Practices in Inclusion/Exclusion October 27, 2018, at the SUNY Oswego Syracuse Press release Practices in Inclusion_Exclusion_8_15.pdf
  13. https://ead2019dundee.com/ Design and design researchers often disrupt the status quo in acts of creative disobedience, taking a contrary view to shed new light on a challenge. Increasingly, they are approaching this in a collaborative manner. In doing so, the discipline of design is itself evolving while running. EAD2019 Dundee invites designers to explore the disruption, risks and transformation of design across an enterprising three-day conference from 10th–12th April 2019. Call for Papers, Posters, Positioning Papers, Research Proposals, Workshops. Walks.
  14. Ahttp://www.collegeart.org/pdf/programs/conference/CAA-CFP-2019.pdf There are a few noteworthy design sessions. Please consider submitting or recommending someone to submit. (If you note other design sessions in this conference, please list them in the comments to this discussion...) Where Industry Meets Academia: Who is Leading the Pack in Design Research and Why? Committee on Design Chair: Dan Wong Email: dan@dan-wong.com Is industry making the greatest contribution and impact to design, or is research in the academy doing it behind the scenes? Is it time for more PhD programs in design? This panel discussion will span design disciplines. We invite academic design researchers, design practitioners, agency principals, and design entrepreneurs to participate in this discussion of the investment in design research and the establishment of contemporary design thinking, methodologies, and technologies. Human-centered Design Research Chair: Audrey Bennett - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Email: audreygbennett@gmail.com Today, there are a plethora of challenges in the world that deserve the attention and, more importantly, the expertise of designers. These global challenges tend to be complex in that they may traverse intellectual, ethnic, political, economic, gender, age, geographic, and other cultural boundaries and, thus, require input from different stakeholders. To address these cross-cultural complexities, the discipline of design provides research methods for collaboration along with technological resources that enable aesthetics to engender interaction between humans and things in unprecedented ways that have the potential to improve our wellbeing; but, may, at times, merely fumble our everyday experiences. We welcome papers that tout the successes and failures of human-centered design as well as those thatreport findings from collaborative research in academia and industry. As an open session, the intellectual scope will comprise an eclectic mix of topics that will range from design thinking, disruptive and intervention design, speculative design, decolonization,inclusive design, social justice, equity, universal design, human-computer interaction, urban design, generative design, meaningful play, systems thinking, sustainability, usability, social innovation, creativity, aesthetics, to visualization. Design Incubation Colloquium 5.2: CAA Conference 2019 New York City Design Incubation Chair: Robin Landa Chair: Elizabeth DeLuna Email: rlanda@kean.edu, delunae@stjohns.edu Presentations of original Communication Design research, including significant creative works, the practice of design, case studies, contemporary practices, and the scholarly review of design projects. New approaches to design education and pedagogy will also be discussed. We invite designers—practitioners and educators—to submit abstracts of design research. Presentations are limited to 6 minutes, preferably Pecha Kucha style. A moderated discussion of the research will follow. (Please submit to Design Incubation Colloquium session via the DI website form, at https://designincubation.com/call-for-submissions/.) The deadline to submit your proposal is August 6th 2017. Please follow the guidelines here: http://www.collegeart.org/pdf/programs/conference/CAA-CFP-2019.pdf. Proposals (including a title and 250 words maximum) should be sent to chairs directly. Please note that a current CAA: Advancing Art and Design membership is required to participate in the conference. However, If you are not a member of CAA at the time you submit the proposal, you can still submit—email CAA Membership Services at membership@collegeart.org or call them directly at 212-392-4430 and they can create a temporary CAA account number so that you can move forward with your submission. Please see the following list of FAQ for more information: http://www.collegeart.org/programs/conference/FAQ
  15. https://www.designresearchsociety.org/events/graphic-design-educators-network-2018-conference-uk When Starts: 06 Sep 2018 @ 1:00am BST Ends: 07 Sep 2018 @ 11:00pm BST School of Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK W * * C H C R A F T ? Exploring notions of craft within contemporary graphic design education By definition, craft describes both the act of making things by hand and the art of persuasion. This double meaning resonates with the discipline of Graphic Design as so much of our practice is wrapped up in how and why we create communication. New technology has certainly increased our craft and influence, often beguiling our users. However, its dark art also questions our magician’s status as artificial intelligence generates increasingly persuasive autonomous design. By contrast, the ubiquity of technology-driven solutions has also created a greater appetite for bespoke design crafted by the human hand. Therefore as our field of expertise continues to evolve – fusing, multiplying, specialising – and the mystery and power of its application grows, deciding what to learn and how to study it is a prevalent question for both aspiring and established designers and educators. From designer-makers to digital strategists let us share, explore and debate the w**chcraft inherent in the practice and education of contemporary graphic design. Presenters will discuss a range of topics on graphic design education from design practice, research, history, theory and criticism.
  16. http://thehumanitarianhub.org/event/design-for-humanity-summit/ Fordham University Lincoln Center, New York City June 22, 2018, 9:00 am The Design for Humanity Summit, hosted by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs and the UN Migration Agency, will explore the intersection of design and humanitarian action for dignified crisis response. Prominent humanitarian and design professionals will discuss current best practices and generate human-centered design strategies that address contemporary humanitarian challenges. Through cross-collaboration of both sectors, this initiative aims to drive humanitarian response in a more dignified, inclusive, and sustainable direction. The Design for Humanity Summit is made possible with the support of the Permanent Mission of Ireland to the United Nations, the Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation and Fordham University. Community partners include InterAction, ART WORKS Projects for Human Rights and the American Society of Interior Designers. REGISTER HERE
  17. http://ivla.org/conference/ Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2018. We invite you to submit a proposal for the 50th Annual Conference of the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA), to be held on November 1- 4, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois. The conference theme is Viewing the Past, Picturing the Present, Designing the Future: Celebrating 50 Years of Visual Literacy. The conference will bring international scholars and researchers, teachers and students, artists, scientists and other professionals to Chicago to participate in an exciting exchange of ideas about visual literacy and how it has developed over the years and to speculate on its future.The conference facilitates the exchange of best and innovative practices, presentation of research results, and discussion of work in progress. Paper presentations, panel sessions, roundtable discussions, and poster sessions are invited. Possible Presentation Themes Teaching and Assessing Visual Literacy Visual Literacy in the Content Areas Visual Literacy and Instructional/Training Material Development Visual Arts and Visual Literacy Digital Literacy, Media Literacy, and Visual Literacy Visual Literacy Skills for Virtual Environments, e-Learning, and m-Learning Data visualization Emerging Technologies and Visual Literacy Globalization, Social and Cultural Identity, and Visual Literacy Visual Culture, Media, Communication and Visual Literacy Social Media and Visual Literacy Information Design, Graphic Design, and Visual Literacy Art Education and Visual Literacy Visual/Image-Based Research Visual Literacy/Visual Learning/Visual Perception/Cognition Research: New Developments, Current Trends and Approaches, and Future Directions
  18. http://elisava.net/en/center/agenda/international-days-deans-and-experts-impact-through-design Together with the unique participation of 25 Deans and design experts of the most important and prestigious worldwide design and art schools, ELISAVA presents the International Days of Deans and Design Experts, that will take place on 4-5-6 April 2018 in Barcelona. The objective is to: Address together how design impacts our society. As a result of two days of analysis and workshops, a manifesto/roadmap will be created collaboratively and it will describe how design is a key agent to reach the UN's SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). With the objective of boosting the inclusion of design institutions in the political agenda that works to achieve the development of the UN's SDGs, ELISAVA will send this manifesto to the UN and the European Commission. Since at this time design has no relevance in the European research agenda, this manifesto aims to reverse this situation. Some of the subjects that are expected to be addressed are: how design can contribute to revert climate change, overcoming lack of resources, approach to the relationship with robots, new technologies, and so on. The event is organised by the Professor Arianna Mazzeo, ELISAVA's Head of International Relations, together with Eija Salmi, General Secretary of the Cumulus network. The main objective is to promote Design Education by introducing the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the design curriculum and design research education. During these days, companies such as Ikea, Seat or Adidas and private and public institutions such as La Caixa and the Municipality of Barcelona will be challenging the thematic focus: how to impact through design. The following design institutions will also be present: New York's Parsons School of Design, London's Royal College of Art, Politecnico of Milano, Brooklyn's Pratt Institute, Shanghai's Tonjii University, Rhode Island's RISD, London's UCL-Central San Martin, Eindhoven's TUE, Toronto's George Brown College of Design, Stockholm's Design School Konstafack, Toronto's OCAD University, Sapienza University of Rome, Umeä Institut of Design, Sheffield Hallam University, DEA Eindhoven, Rekiavik's University of Lapland, Escuela Politécnica de Valencia, Kolding Design School, Open Design School Capetown, HASSELT Design School, Istambul's ÖzU Institue of Design, NID India, Madeira's European Research Center and the Carnegie Mellon Design School. The event is co-produced with Cumulus, the worldwide association that serves art, design education and research. This activity is part of Design Does.
  19. https://www.ucda.com/events/25/ Good Design Works seeks to spotlight all aspects of purpose-driven graphic and interactive design that are having an influential, positive impact on the world. The ability of the designer to create meaningful social change through visual communications that celebrate, criticize, educate, or advocate—begins in the classroom. Included in the summit are keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and paper and poster presentations selected from abstracts submitted through a peer reviewed process. UCDA is famous for providing professional development in a relaxed atmosphere. The faculty will share ideas and welcome your participation in an ongoing dialogue about the critical issues facing the design education community. This two day summit is open to UCDA members and non-members, design educators and practitioners, and students.
  20. http://informationplusconference.com/#call As an interdisciplinary event, we invite proposals from all fields of professional practice, research, and education in information design and visualization. We welcome submissions on such topics as (but not limited to): the environment, advocacy and law, health and medical applications, social and political issues, cultural analysis and collections, digital humanities, and projects in data journalism. Authors accepted for presentation at the conference will have an opportunity to submit articles for publication in a special issue of an academic journal (to be announced soon). The special issue will contain articles selected by a peer review process. Deadline: May 15, 2018
  21. http://www.cumulusassociation.org/cumulus-conference-paris-2018-to-get-there/ April 11 – 14, 2018 Paris, France Hosted by Césaap (Conférence des Écoles Supérieures d’Arts Appliqués de Paris – Boulle, Duperré, Estienne & Ensaama) Background to get there: designing together Because we believe that tomorrow the various approaches to design should follow a common path, we aim to stimulate collaborative practices to let innovation and unpredictability break free. We aim to get an outlook of the future, to get ideas we would have never had alone. To get somewhere new, all of us. To get there, achieving together. In partnership for the past two years within the framework of CÉSAAP, the four Parisian Schools of Art and Design, Boulle, Duperré, Estienne, and Ensaama have decided to share their expertise, to mutualised experiences and to host Cumulus 2018 conference. Cumulus Paris 2018 is part of a cross-cutting and interdisciplinary approach. It highlights both collective and collaborative practices. Its goal is to make otherness a positive force, to make design and the meeting of talents a compelling tool to act on what is real. By keeping the main concerns of our institutions, such as pedagogy, learning, transmission, the professional world and society, as the guiding theme, we wish to call on you to question this concept of ‘together/to get there’ through five main areas developed below.
  22. Developed by RJ Thompson LOCATION CONF. DATE CFP DUE DATE WEB LINKS SECAC Roanoke, VA Oct 19-22, 2016 4/20/16 @ 12am http://www.secacart.org/conference Design Incubation Various Various Various http://designincubation.com/ Design Principles Practices Toronto, Canada Mar 2-4, 2017 5/2/2016 http://designprinciplesandpractices.com/2017-conference/call-for-papers UCDA Design Ed Summit Union, NJ May 23-24,2016 lapsed https://ucda.com/educonf.lasso Collaborations in Design Ed TBD TBD lapsed http://www.collabdesigned.com/ OLC Accelerate holy shit Disney World Nov 16-18, 2016 Opens 3/23/16 http://onlinelearningconsortium.org/olc-accelerate/ USDLA St. Louis, MO May 10-12, 2016 lapsed https://www.usdla.org/ IEEE Procomm 2016 Austin, TX Oct 2-5, 2016 lapsed http://sites.ieee.org/pcs/procomm2016/ DOYO Live! Youngstown, OH 8/4/2016 invite-only http://www.doyolive.com/ InstructureCon Keystone, CO July 19-21, 2016 lapsed https://www.canvaslms.com/news/instructurecon/ AIGA DEC Conference Bowling Green Ohio June 15-16,2016 3/8/2016 http://educators.aiga.org/nutsbolts-dec-conference-call-for-submissions-and-abstract-readers/ 2016 AICAD Symposium: Beyond the BFA Sarasota, FL November 2-6, 2016 May 1st, 2016 http://www.ringling.edu/AICAD2016 UXPA Seattle, WA May 31 - June 3 lapsed http://uxpa2016.org/ Confab Higher Ed Philadelphia, PA Nov 14-16 lapsed http://confabevents.com/events/highered/2016 Midwest UX Louisville, KY Oct 20 - 22 MAY 1st, 2016 http://2016.midwestuxconference.com/2016/02/04/call-for-speakers/ Internet Summit Raleigh, NC Nov 16-17 various http://internetsummit.com/speaker-submission/ GIANT Charlotte, NC Oct 17-19 lapsed http://www.giantconf.com/details/ SCCI Greenville, NC TBD TBD http://workshop.design4complexity.com/SCCI-home.php Educause Anaheim, CA Oct 25-28 lapsed http://www.educause.edu/conferences-events Adobe ADIM Conference San Jose, CA - Adobe HQ (2016) April 10-13 not applicable www.adimconference.com ICTVC Greece July lapsed http://www.ictvc.org/2016/ F5 Fest New York City TBD unknown http://f5fest.com/ Offset Dublin, Ireland April 8-10 lapsed http://www.iloveoffset.com/offset-dublin-tickets/ 2016 MENTORING CONFERENCE: Albuquerque New Mexico Oct 24-26 May 15,2016 https://mentor.unm.edu/ Motyf Festival Mainz, Germany Nov 24-25 7/22/2016 http://motyf-festival.com/index.html EduUI Conference Charlottesville, VA Oct 24-26 4/18/2016 http://edui.cmail20.com/t/r-l-ejdlljl-iddrfukjd-b/ Design Thinkers Toronto, Canada Nov 3-4, 2016 May 12 (RGD only) http://www.rgd.ca/2015/04/22/call-for-topic-proposals-for-designthinkers-2016.php Design Educators Conference Toronto, Canada Nov 5, 2016? not yet announced http://designthinkers.com/Extras/2015-Design-Educators-Conference.aspx Web Conference at Penn State: Different themes each year, 2016 is Elements State College, PA June 13-15, 2016 lapsed https://elements.psu.edu/ SEGD Wayfinding Miami, FL 4.14.16 - 4.15.16 registration open https://segd.org/workshop/2016-wayfinding?utm_source=SEGD+Email+list+-+2015&utm_campaign=15c403b447-Wayfinding_16_Main_List_3_29_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_838fc36a8b-15c403b447-60033109 Designs on eLearning NYC Sept 21-22 open http://www.designsonelearning.net/call-for-papers/ UX Alive Istanbul May 11-13 http://uxalive.com/ GCEA Annual Conference Branson, MO July 24-28, 2016 June 30th http://www.ozarksgcea.org International Visual Literacy Association Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Oct 5-8. 2016 Friday, May 2 http://ivla.org/conference2016 NASAD CAA New York City Feb 15–18, 2017 Nat. Assn. Arts Admins (NCAA) SCAEA Conference Greenville, SC IA Summit (user experience) http://www.iasummit.org/ Chicago Ethnography Conference Chicago IL April 8th 2017 Jan 6, 2017 https://chicagoethnography.wordpress.com/ The Association for the study of the arts of the present UC Berkley Oct 26-28 March 15, 2017 http://asap9.org/ Design Management Academy Hong Kong http://designmanagementacademy.com/ The Service Experience Conference San Francisco Oct 23-24 http://service-experience-conf.com/
  23. http://www.collegeart.org/programs/conference/proposals CAA 2019 ANNUAL CONFERENCE New York, NY, February 13—16, 2019 New York Hilton Midtown Proposals must be submitted from March 1 through April 27, 2018.
  24. http://2018.typographics.com/ Early bird registration (until March 31) for the main Typographics conference is now open, with significant discounts available before the full schedule is announced.
  25. https://educators.aiga.org/2019-design-educators-conference-call-for-proposals/ The AIGA Design Educators Community (DEC) announces a Call for Proposals to members (individuals or groups) interested in producing the 2019 Design Educators Conference. This conference will take place in the Fall 2019. The deadline for proposal submission is June 1st, 2018.
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