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  1. CAA 2021 CFP // Digital Resistance: Emerging Technologies as Tools for Design Activism College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference February 10-13, 2021 SESSION TITLE Digital Resistance: Emerging Technologies as Tools for Design Activism DESCRIPTION Emerging technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and the internet of things, are quickly expanding as vehicles for design that bridge digital technology with physical experiences. Their value is regularly exploited for commercial purposes, in which digital processes are utilized to enhance t
  2. I'm seeking resources (videos, essays, books, etc.) to educate clients and strategists to collaborate with creative folk. I'm teaching a graduate course for business students pursuing a strategic advertising and marketing masters degree. I know from talking with them, that their most pressing desires is to learn how to evaluate creative work. Of course, we are also discussing the business value of design, and how they can best support and inspire the creative process. I've found many resources for creatives to understand strategy, and very little for the reverse. Thanks in adv
  3. The Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University invites applications for a non-tenure track faculty position in art direction for advertising, starting July 2020. The successful candidate will contribute expertise to the art direction track in the advertising major. The successful candidate will demonstrate strong professional experience as an art director in advertising or related industries and will provide evidence of excellent teaching of college-level courses across the advertising curriculum. An advanced degree is prefer
  4. I would appreciate such a list of external reviewer candidates! I will be going up in 2020 and will need 8, and I can suggest up to 4. I am prohibited from speaking with anyone directly about their willingness to review my case in particular. However, it would be helpful and fair to know who is out there--qualified and open to doing external reviews in the general sense. Thank you.
  5. @RJ Thompson Can you please share what grants you are applying for and where you look for them? Are they for creative work or scholarly writing? I'm making an effort to start writing grant proposals and trying to learn the ropes. I have written 3 so far: Creative Capital (LOI only--I didn't advance to the full proposal), local artist grant (rejected), and one internal university grant (awarded! yay!) FYI, I have creative projects in mind. I would love any advice on how to get started.
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