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  1. I want to develop a new design course focus primarily focus on design research and writing ... maybe some grant stuff. Does anyone have information or similar classes they could share with me? Thanks, James
  2. @Brian, great, thanks for all your support. James
  3. For those who teach User Experience or Interaction Design courses, we have limited desk copies of our UX Methods book to give out.Link to fill out the form:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8QUDDFz-meKLJqWaKA2nQIg-N-SzYkr2cuomfZuB9lVPlFA/viewformIf you don't teach those types of courses just ignore this post as it costs to mail out each copy.Thanks, James and Patrick
  4. Many schools have traditional Drawing and 2D Design courses as part of their foundational programs, how many of you have changed those courses, what titles and content are now in their place? This would be for a design degree. Thanks, James
  5. In many cases, Design is within an Art and Design department. Some might think the grass is greener and maybe having their own Design department or being part of a different department might have advantages. I like to hear good and bad examples of Design moving. This isn't a discussion on the value of Art in Design, that will always be there. I am looking for more result based stories of design in academic structure.
  6. @Dan Wong, you bring up some points indirectly. I am curious to see what people think of the publishing industry as a whole. Is it healthy, or design publishers closing down like Rockport and HOW Design press making the editorial process better, do they need writers more than authors need them? If publishers can't make money, how can they pay editors to go through a rigorous process? This is not the case for all, as we see friends publish quality books of late. To answer your original question, I pay an editor to review my work for grammar and spelling and sometimes will ask others to rev
  7. At your institution, how does it value the following: 1 = Low value to 10 = Highest value Peer Review Conference Presentation: Peer Review Publication: Published Book: Grant Base Research Project: Other: I know the size and context may vary, but I was wondering. Thanks, James
  8. We recently created a BDes degree and while we were excited to do something different and more design focused, it's been interesting to see the external reaction. We mainly get students from PA or the surrounding states, when they visit other schools, those schools mainly have BFA's so it takes a lot more explanation on what the BDes is. We are NASAD accredited institution. I wonder if BDes will take off more in the US or most departments will want to avoid the new but possibly confusing degree (too some).
  9. Mitch, Most faculty at our university teach 4 x 4 each year and around 10 some contact hours. In our Art and Design department, we teach 3 x 3 but have 15 contact hours. We have NASAD accreditation which allows us to argue for the different time frame/structure of courses. We only are required to hold 5 office hours, but I am there way more. To get to your greater point on real workload, it's a lot for sure. If it was just about teaching in class life would be beautiful, but it's much more. It's all about pacing yourself, avoiding burnout is key. Best of luck, James
  10. Wow, this could go deep for me. Context: I am at a state college in PA's system, we are under one CBA with a standard set of rules across all of our 14 universities besides a few local agreements that may differ. Assistant to Associate Professor: Years 1 - 5, You get reviewed by students and faculty each semester and need to hand in a yearly report. At the end of the 5 years, you can submit for tenure and promotion, but they are not tied together. Meaning that some get tenure but not promoted, yes that is very weird. Most people get tenure but promotion is competitive as rank is tied
  11. I have done a number of these of late, many times for people I don't know well at all or never met. I felt like it was an honor to be asked to review someone's materials and took it very seriously. Good thread, James
  12. Thanks to Aaris for starting this thread. I'll try to keep this as short as I can. First I have so much respect for authors that go through a traditional publisher, Aaris and Robin have written a number of great books and the amount of time they put into all of those endeavors is impressive. For me I knew I wanted to share information in a format of a book, I even was close to signing a contract to do a book on Comics and Design but it fell through. The more research I did I found out that authors not only wrote the book but sometimes designed it (or at least sourced images for the desig
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