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  1. This is a great topic, given that I am in the process of doing this now. I was given a list of Peer Reviewed School and told to look for people of higher rank and with similar research interests. This was not so easy!
  2. Hi Mitchell, I know some schools do have a block program such as this. Students who do not make it have to repeat the entire first year and then re-apply the again. I taught many students who went through the system a couple of times and then left the program they were at. It became quite political. We (the entire faculty) review each class at the end of every semester. They are given their assessments with comments. If anyone is graded a C- or below by one of their professors they go on probation. If they are on probation twice, they may then be asked to leave the program. If they fail a class, they have to repeat the entire semester, meaning they would not graduate with their class. I don't know if this is helpful, but this is what I have encountered thus far. best, Michele
  3. Hi Mitch, Thank you for your feedback. I would hope so, but I am not sure. I know that AIGA made case for other degrees in their "AIGA DEC Statements on Promotion and Tenure of Design Educators" Article. Again though, like you said, I don't know what NASAD's requirements are. It may be that I have to go back for another degree. Best, Michele MFA (or Equivalent) as the Terminal Degree; Other Degrees AIGA DEC urges institutions to recognize the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) and/or equivalent degrees as the terminal degree qualification for US Design Educators, especially in the case of current, full-time appointments. However, some Design Educators may possess graduate-level degrees that were conferred prior to the wider adoption of the MFA as the terminal degree, such as the MA (Master of Arts), or the MS (Master of Science). In addition, some Design Educators may not hold graduate-level degrees at all, but have many years of full-time teaching experience and peer-recognized professional practice. AIGA DEC urges institutions to recognize the contributions of current Design Educators regardless of degree held, and to provide flexibility on this matter in P&T processes, as appropriate. Finally, while a small number of Ph.D programs in specialized areas of Design (History, Theory, Criticism, Research, etc.) do currently exist, it would be unreasonable for US institutions to require any degree higher than the MFA or equivalent as a condition of appointment, or as a condition of P&T. https://educators.aiga.org/aiga-dec-statements-on-promotion-and-tenure-of-design-educators/
  4. I received my MS Degree in 1999 from Pratt Institute in Communications Design. At that time, it was the only terminal degree they offered for design. SVA did not have their program yet. I lived in the NYC, worked as a designer and pursued part of my degree while I worked. Finally, I went full-time, because it was taking to long to finish while working. I never intended to teach with this degree. I only did a Master's for myself and hone my craft. I have been teaching for twelve years now, and would like to pursue other teaching opportunities. I was hired at an R1 University with my current degree, but do not know if this will be the case at other places. Do I need to pursue my MFA? Has anyone else been in this situation? I would appreciate any advice or help other members could offer. Thank you.
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