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  1. Hi everyone, I've initiated a series of book projects and am looking for some objective advice and constructive criticism – or otherwise, some sort of review or mentorship – that could also result in some request for contributing articles, interviews, and case studies. The book projects are framed academically and progress knowledge and research (my own and others) in the domain of municipal/community branding and storytelling. The composition of the books will largely be 50% logo inventory, 15% interviews, 15% articles, and 20% case studies – depending on the length of each book, of
  2. The closest I've gotten to this is NASAD telling our Art Department that Design should have it's own distinct BFA degree and track. I was once at a private school where there was a design 'school' and the two programs in it were graphic design and interior design. This worked well and balanced business, art, and other disciplines really nicely. I think a private school has the flexibility to do this versus a state institution. At a state institution, I've mostly seen art departments relying totally on design to maintain enrollment numbers, which creates resentments, etc. I had a peer onc
  3. Here is my issue with reviews: They don't mean much of anything if your program has low-enrollment. Faculty could be incentivized to pass poor performing students to make sure their upper-level courses run. I know this is coming from a cynical place, but I've seen it happen. @Jessica Barness I think your model is smart and I really hope it works.
  4. I wish I could measure this. I honestly have no idea. Individuals in my department place different value in different deliverables. It's anyone's guess. On the university level, grants of any value are typically very highly regarded.
  5. Thanks for sharing these @Dan Wong. My website is basically just an updated portfolio. I haven't had the time or felt compelled to share my research in-depth online – so this serves as good inspiration.
  6. Please pardon my ignorance if this topic has already been explored on the forum. I'm interested in creating a topic area or discussion thread about mentorship that was inspired by external reviewers for people going through tenure and promotion. I feel like DI has done something like this before? At my university, external reviewers aren't necessary – which, in a sense, disincentivizes the need for mentors or even to an extent suppresses the necessity for networking. It's weird. SECAC has a mentorship program that is a nice feature of membership but not entirely effective, tho
  7. In the YSU Department of Art, we have decided to completely eliminate this requirement from tenure and promotion consideration. While this benefits me, I was personally against the decision as I require objective feedback to improve myself. Not having it has done me a great disservice throughout the entire tenure and promotion process this year. IMHO it has enabled my colleagues to take less stock in my work, accomplishments, and impact.
  8. @Dan Wong FC is an amazing resource. Subscribe to the emails – the art offerings aren't diverse across a prolonged period of time -but- the key is to look in the other areas and see where art and design can be applied...which sometimes leads to really attractive proposals coming from out of left field. I've gotten many leads and a few small grants using FC as the original source.
  9. @Jessica Barness Design culture definitely isn't there yet. I'm hoping to change that. At the upcoming UCDA conference, the keynote speakers are going to be from the NEA!! Hopefully Trump won't kill the department beforehand. At any rate, bringing them in will hopefully help our peers identify that they are WANTED and APPRECIATED.
  10. @Maria Rogal thanks for sharing your process – it's a bit more divergent then what I've experienced at other institutions or discussed with other colleagues. You raise a great point about sharing materials with colleagues. There needs to be a PK-style of presentations, internally with faculties, that shares this information with everyone at one time and in one place. There might be some groaning, but what a great way to establish an opportunity for all to be involved, feel included, and hopefully collaborate. I might propose this to my new Chair and see where it goes.
  11. @Dan Wong I think the model you have at CityTech sounds great, challenges and all. At YSU, our program is 'Graphic + Interactive Design' – which, for the area/region we are in is a progressive title for a program, it ultimately falls short of the 'Interactive' side of things with only two required interactive courses out of approximately 16 classes required courses – the rest are print-based. As a result of this, I've had to incorporate more multidisciplinary projects into my interactive classes. So, outside of students learning how to code, they learn how to do video, some 3D modeling,
  12. At YSU, it is as follows: 1. Go up for tenure with a committee comprised of all tenured faculty. Rank is irrelevant here. Tenure application is comprised of evidence contained ina 4-inch three-ring binder and a presentation to tenured faculty. 2. Find out the day of presentation whether there was a positive or negative vote on tenure. If positive vote, Chair documents the vote, writes letter of support, sends to Dean who then writes their own letter, then it goes to the Provost. Generally the tenure committee chair will provide information to the candidate to improve their evidence
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