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  1. We are currently working on a research project with colleagues from Clemson University. We are specifically interested in looking at the experience of Industry Expert Adjuncts (IEA) including their reasons for teaching, the type of teaching support they receive, as well as how the pandemic has impacted their teaching experience. We define IEA’s as an adjunct faculty member who, in addition to teaching, works full time in the industry they teach in. Thank you so much for helping us distribute our survey. We will be sure to share our outcomes when we complete the research. We have included a message you can send directly to your IEAs to save time. Abby Guido Assistant Professor of Graphic and Interactive Design Dr. Erica Walker Assistant Professor, Graphic Communications Dr. D. Matthew Boyer Research Associate Professor of Engineering & Science Education For IEAs Hello, You are receiving this message because you have been identified as an Industry Expert Adjunct (IEA). We define IEA’s as an adjunct faculty member who, in addition to teaching, works full time in the industry in which they teach. A group of researchers from Clemson University and Temple University are exploring topics centered around IEA’s and would really appreciate your help. Below you will find a link to a survey that shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. It covers a variety of topics including your motivation for teaching, the type of teaching support you receive, as well as how the pandemic has impacted your teaching experience. The link to the survey is here: https://clemson.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cMDeNmetHsM3iBf Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute your responses, it is really appreciated. Please kindly complete the survey in the next two weeks.
  2. https://rgdhub.wufoo.com/forms/design-educators-conference-call-for-abstracts RGD is pleased to announce the return of our Design Educators Conference as a 3-day event taking place virtually October 21 to 23. The Conference has 5 themes: Empower [the learners]: How do you empower students to become active learners? How do we train and create an ecosystem of resilience? Embrace [the classroom]: What does the future classroom look like? What are the methodologies, technology and/or practices we need to embrace to move forward? Expand [the experience]: How do we decide who and what to include in the experience of design education? Engage [with external participation]: How does design education engage with society, with our student’s lives, with the industry at large? Equity [within all spaces]: How can we better integrate inclusion, accessibility, and equal opportunities for all students and participants in education? The Conference will consist of: 2-3 Keynote Sessions (60 minutes each) 5 Themed Sessions (60 minutes each with 3 20-minute Presentations) 6-12 Roundtable Sessions (60 minutes of discussion each, some with 1 presentation of 5 to 20 minutes with facilitated discussion) Slack Workspace for discussion amongst attendees. Call for Abstracts RGD welcomes submissions from educators and industry professionals from around the world that address any of these themes from a variety of perspectives. Selected presenters will receive a complimentary pass to the Conference. Abstracts will be reviewed by an Abstract Review Panel. Selected presenters will be notified by October 1 if their proposals are selected for inclusion in the Conference. Following the Conference, select presenters will be asked to contribute to a PDF publication of the Conference proceedings. See the 2015 publication here. Deadline for submissions: September 4, 2020 Submit here. Please send questions to education@rgd.ca.
  3. The theme of the conference is Analogue and Digital Call for participations: Early call for entries. Design Education Forum 2020 will take place in Spain on the 5 and 6th of November 2020 and will explore the relationship between analogue and digital in Art and Design Education. To view last year's event, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IRBSSXwCPw&t=7s We are endorsed by WDO and the Chartered Society of Designers, the Type Archive, creative consience and many others. There are three ways of participating: A five minute video presentation A 10-15 min remote / physical presentation An online workshop Register your interest for Valencia Design Education Forum 2020 5th and 6th of November2020: https://forms.gle/6sdRBUv6QMaVSLn8A
  4. Carma Gorman chaired a session at CAA Conference 2020 that was very well attended and incredibly insightful. I'm hoping that a bunch of organizations (Design Incubation, Design Studies forum, AIGA DEC) can come together to develop a single document that cover's the majority of the Communication Design depts in the country. In speaking with Carma, she proposed a flexible document, almost a document wizard, that could support any dept at a variety of institutions to help develop their own standards. For instance, if you are a community college in the midwest that is situated within a business dept, select the options that are important to you... One thing that was brought up in the CAA conference session was the double-standard, higher bar which we must go through, as compared to other disciplines. It is not enough for us to secure a project from a major company, we need to also win an award. She pointed out, as I have always argued, that the vetting process a client does of us is peer review. And payment for our work is a grant. What also frustrates me is that everything we do is always considered "Service", because our skills and expertise falls within a service industry and field of study. Only if we then win an award, is it suddenly scholarly.
  5. The School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD) invites applications for the position of Associate Dean, Academic (ADA). This position will be a professorial-stream appointment at the rank of Associate or Full Professor with tenure, to commence 1 July 2020. http://webapps.yorku.ca/academichiringviewer/specialads/Associate_Dean_Academic_School_of_the_Arts_Media_Performance_Design.pdf The appointment of Associate Dean, Academic is for a three (3) year term and is renewable upon mutual agreement. The ADA oversees curriculum development and undergraduate education within AMPD. As a key priority, the ADA will also lead the development of innovative, interdisciplinary programs focused on the intersection among the arts and culturally responsive technologies. These new programs will engage students in emerging areas of artistic creation and research within a unique learning environment focused on socially responsive technologies, experiential education, collaboration with emerging creative industries, and communityengaged arts practice. The successful candidate will be affiliated with the Department that best suits their research and teaching interests. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to enhance and innovate programming across the arts, to experiment with new experiential education formats and partners, and to provide the York Region with excellent undergraduate degree offerings in areas intersecting the arts, technology, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.. We seek a dynamic and experienced leader who is committed to inclusive program development. The ideal candidate will lead a program that builds upon the historic strengths in the arts at York to develop a compelling new curriculum at the intersection of the arts, community, and technology for Canada’s next generation of artistic and cultural leaders. One of North America's leading schools for the arts, AMPD offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Cinema and Media Arts, Computational Arts, Dance, Design, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Art History, Theatre and Performance Studies. Requirements: A Ph.D. or M.F.A. in one or more areas represented at AMPD, or a related discipline; candidates should demonstrate excellence in teaching and curricular development, with a strong record of scholarly research and publication, or professional practice, preferably with an emphasis on community engagement. The candidate is expected to provide academic leadership by fostering collaborative research among colleagues at AMPD and beyond, supporting curricular development, and generating academic, community and industry partnerships. Experience with experiential and online education is highly desired. The candidate must be suitable for prompt appointment to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. All York University positions are subject to budgetary approval.
  6. Chat: From Lisa Hammershaimb : a sprinkling of synch From Dirk Dallas : Dennis how long is that open studio time usually? From Dennis Cheatham : Dirk, I offer 3 hours per week, each at a different time of day to compensate for time zones and work schedules. From robinlanda : Conversely, chat allows shy students to participate during synchronous sessions. From Dirk Dallas : That’s great thanks! From Naoko Masuda : Dennis what are some good platforms that can be used for asynchronous critique? From Dennis Cheatham : (…One hour at a time…) From Mitch Goldstein : I use Dropbox Paper From Alex Girard : Me too! From Alex Girard : Love Dropbox Paper! From Mitch Goldstein : OMG ALEX ARE WE BFF NOW From Alex Girard : For realz. From Naoko Masuda : THANKS! From Mitch Goldstein : score From Dennis Cheatham : Noko, our institution uses Canvas LMS so I use that… but tons of tools could be used for asynchronous discussions. From Dirk Dallas : I’m experimenting with Figma for critiques since it has the collaboration and pinned comment feature From Naoko Masuda : We’re being asked to use Moodle/Teams so looking for things that can work within that. From Silas Munro : I like the idea of dropbox paper, but dropbox is blocked in china. I know many of my students have access to a VPN, but I wonder about some platforms that don’t work in china From angelariechers : anyone using Are.na for asynchronous crit? From Dennis Cheatham : Good call, Silas… not all countries allow al tools. +1! From robinlanda : I’m using Google Classroom to teach GD and AD and I’m able to hold an almost identical experience synchronistically From Naoko Masuda : Thank you everyone! Super helpful! From Aaris Sherin : Dan is using Collaborate in BB to break students up into groups. My institutions doesn’t have that feature but it seems like a great way to connect with students in real From Katherine Mueller : Wow! Amazing! From Mitch Goldstein : huge thanks to DI for putting this together! From Celi Monroe : I included “Documentation” in the rubric for online projects. If it’s blurry or poorly lit, they know that will affect the grade. From Katherine Mueller : I was already using Flickr in the classroom. Asking them to post their progress to the group before each class. I set expectations for commenting participation From Dirk Dallas : Celi, great point! From Lupe Muñoz Dentice : Hello everyone! I’m from Asunción, Paraguay. I’m using Google Classroom, Moodle (institutional requirement) and Zoom. From Dennis Cheatham : Katherine, good call on seeing expectations for commenting participation. Online, it From Mitch Goldstein : HARD AGREE WITH ALEX From Dennis Cheatham : …it’s important to set clear expectations for number of comments and quality of comments (both praise and critical comments) From Lisa Hammershaimb : Much easier to remember when there is a trace of it From Dirk Dallas : Are there any *free* online tools for critiquing and pinning comments on videos for motion design projects? From Lisa Hammershaimb : @dirk have you checked out voice thread? I think Aaris has used that before with video crit From Dirk Dallas : I will look into that thank you Lisa! From Celi Monroe : Great point, Alex. All those questions “do we have to ?” questions that naturally come up in-person have to be considered ahead of time and communicated clearly. From Celi Monroe : Sorry, *Dennis. From Abby Goldstein : Excellent thanks From robinlanda : I include the learning outcomes in the design brief as well as how I will evaluate the solution. From Dennis Cheatham : Right, robin! Outcomes and evaluation measures up-front… at the start. +1! From robinlanda : From robinlanda : Agreed! From robinlanda : Due to the emergency situation, we want to lead with empathy and create a flexible environment for them. From Aaris Sherin : If anyone has rubrics, ideas for assessment or other planning docs that they would be willing to share we’d love to facilitate that or feel free to add here in the chat. From Abby Goldstein : Alex —Can you give an example From Alex Girard : I’d be happy to! What can I give you an example of? Wasn’t monitoring this while I was speaking. From Katherine Mueller : Thanks, Aaris. I’m very interested in rubrics From Celi Monroe : If it’s in the instructions, it’s in the rubric. It makes grading easier for me and reinforces what’s important. But I try not to get too granular because students will start working to the rubric (“I’m not going to worry about this because it’s only worth 3pts”) From Dirk Dallas : Dennis, would love to hear more about how the risk points work From Dan Wong : https://social.designincubation.com/topic/252-teaching-online-resources-experiences-tools-recommendations/ From Celi Monroe : Is anyone using Slack for classes? I like the idea of using tools that may actually be used in the workplace From Mitch Goldstein : I am - but just as a kind of catch-all spacce From angelariechers : Yes it’s very helpful to have a Slack channel open From Mitch Goldstein : formal crits happen on dropbox paper From Dennis Cheatham : Celi, I use a 1-point rubric and it has helped define mastery but leave room for Exemplary/Developing/Beginning performance. I can share more… From Celi Monroe : Awesome. Would love to learn more, Dennis. From Abby Goldstein : Lisa yes THANK YOU! From robinlanda : Google From Dennis Cheatham : Dirk, I’d be happy to share about risk bonus. Get in touch with me dennis.cheatham@miamioh.edu From Dirk Dallas : @Celi I use Slack for posting homework, doing weekly writing reflections, and posting work/doing critiques From Abby Goldstein : Great point Lisa From Dan Wong : If people would like to share videos on YouTube, or would like us to add their videos to our channel, please let us know! From lizdeluna : Two other pieces of software for critiques From lizdeluna : https://mural.co/ From lizdeluna : https://voicethread.com From Abby Goldstein : We have a resource at fordhamgraphicdesign.com From Alex Girard : Thanks, Liz! From walterk : How are people handling students that do not have access to computers - or were reliant on computer labs at your institution? Or handling students that have limited internet access that are now abroad internationally? From Dan Wong : CUNY has paused classes for a few days so they can distribute computers… From Silas Munro : Otis is also providing laptops and free licenses of software From walterk : Good to know! From Aaris Sherin : To all - please add questions you have or what you might be interested in in terms of DI Developing more programing / content in the future into the chat here so we can review later! Thanks! From Dan Wong : Adobe is apparently extending Creative Cloud licenses for off campus use. There were some glitches… but they’re working them out. From Abby Goldstein : Question for DI: Teaching design off the computer From Eugene Mayer : Dan—Can you provide more information on the Adobe situation. Software is the biggest problem for one/third of my students now that they are off-campus. From lizdeluna : Yeah, I haven’t seen it come through yet, but I understand that it just needs to go through the institutions IT, but all students should get free Adobe CC From tracy : I’ve been recommending the Affinity apps, also free for 90 days and very similar to Adobe interface. From Dan Wong : https://theblog.adobe.com/adobe-enables-distance-learning-globally-schools-impacted-covid-19/ From Justin Gagne : https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/supporting-the-creative-community/ — 90-Day free trial; alternatives to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign From Katherine Mueller : Agreed! Thanks Mitch From Dennis Cheatham : Yes, Mitch! Know who your students are and what their needs are. Make it accessible. From lizdeluna : Snag It From lizdeluna : https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html From Dirk Dallas : @Eugene one recommendation is to try the free web based tool Figma From Carrie Hamilton : If a student already has an Adobe CC account, they can get two free months by going to the Adobe site, clicking on the chat window and typing “too expensive” in the window From Abby Goldstein : It is good to be challenged —how can you design without software? From Dennis Cheatham : Demo… one of my feedback videos using Snagit: https://youtu.be/9iqoEcGd69o From tracy : My challenge is for students who only have cell phones and limited data or internet access. I have not found good apps to use in that scenario. From tracy : Alex, I am the only Graphic Design instructor at my college. From Abby Goldstein : Yes for over 20 years I was the only full time faculty in design at Fordham. We just hired an AIR Patrica Belen From Abby Goldstein : SOOOO true Aaris From Abby Goldstein : THANK for arranging this. Really helpful From Douglas Clouse : Hi Everyone, I’ve been collecting some of the products and resources mentioned here: https://www.tdc.org/news/help-for-designers-and-businesses-resources-during-the-pandemic/ From Karl Heine : Thanks for all the valuable internal information. My specific question has come up through many of the design programs I work with. Since all of the portfolio reviews have been canceled, how are you handling this for online shows and prepping students for video (Zoom) interviews? From michael : Alex, I am in a similar position. I am the only faculty for our design department, and one of only 3 full time in the art department at my institution From Marks, Andrea S : Thank you so much everyone…great feedback and discussion! From Silas Munro : I’m curious how folks are figuring out senior/junior exhibitions? From Mitch Goldstein : instagram From Mitch Goldstein : we are having students “brand” and curate a show on insta From robinlanda : Check out my LinkedIn post on Senior Portfolio Review From Johnathon Strube : Alex, I am in a similar spot. One of two faculty. Let’s connect. From Mitch Goldstein : there is a great insta account that is collating and reposting shows which of course i forget the name of From Maria Bohannon : We are planning on creating a website to host an online exhibition for our Senior capstone in graphic design. From Dirk Dallas : @robin would love to, could you share a link? From Mitch Goldstein : but if i find it will @ you silas From Alex Girard : Same for us, Maria! From Celi Monroe : @socialdistancegallery From Mitch Goldstein : YES CELI THANK YOU From Eugene Mayer : Thanks for a terrific discussion today. From Alex Girard : Thanks to all for joining us! From Mitch Goldstein : thank you everyone! From angelariechers : one of the most positive things is how beautifully educators support each other! thanks so much everyone From Alex Girard : Agreed 🙂 From Silas Munro : Great thoughts From Maria Bohannon : Thanks for sharing everyone! Nice to know we’re all in the same position. From Celi Monroe : Thanks, everyone. Good to feel connected in this moment. From Silas Munro : We in the past had great insta accounts in tandem with the show, but I’m also thinking about an “opening” From Mitch Goldstein : @ silas: could be a timed hashtag bomb or something From Mitch Goldstein : & ill happily tweet that From angelariechers : @mitchgoldstein that’s a great idea From robinlanda : LinkedIn post: https://bit.ly/3al6zGl From Katherine Mueller : You can save the chat transcript using the … button From lmaione@kcai.edu : re: senior show, we’ll have a durational element digitally available for a short time (i.e. opening) as well as a longer-term online element From Silas Munro : This is amazing! Great resources everyone From Justin Gagne : Free online courses as supplemental content: https://thegymnasium.com From PJ : Re: Online opening: as much a as don’t like FB, FB Live - has all the elements needed for an “online opening” - ha worked before for my 20x02 Posters For Peace exhibit when I was in China / Mexico / USA at the same time From Dirk Dallas : This was so great! Really appreciate you taking the time to bring us together and share ideas! From Silas Munro : @mitch yes! Thanks From Charmaine : For our graduating seniors, in lieu of a FTF portfolio review, I’m trying to pair each student with a design mentor (mostly alumni). From Charmaine : Thank you so much! From Naoko Masuda : thank you! From lmaione@kcai.edu : thank you! From Lia Golemba : Thank you!! From Karl Heine : Thanks, I think for the next one you should have everyone on live.
  7. The deadline for submissions is March 30, 2020 11:59 PM CST. https://taylor.tulane.edu/design-thinking/pivot/?fbclid=IwAR1YDvlugaR-FH3v6ZTwVIYaLEOs-n_tj3I-jknqZE1LknajAhU9reXtee4 PIVOT 2020 will transition to a one-day virtual event, to build community among researchers. We are creating a schedule for the day and updating the call for participation. The coordinating team is excited to envision what a virtual gathering can offer. Submissions may address one or more of the following themes:  Strengthening centers at the margins Moving the Center Widening the Center Connecting multiple centers Teaching across centers and margins Unlearning oppression Building bridges Global/local challenges Building empathy across centers Alternative modes of practice – between “centers” and “margins”.
  8. Lisa Hammershaimb is a Design Incubation 2019 fellow doing her doctorate in online learning. She has shared some blog post she wrote recently: My doctorate is in distance education/online learning and my dissertation is on this topic. Here are four blog posts I wrote for the AACE review as well as an article about decentralizing the design studio. They are all pretty approachable/not too long so I hope they will be good resources for the community. Virtual Studios (1): An introduction to Studios and Studio Pegagogy http://www.aace.org/review/virtual-studios-1-an-introduction-to-studios-and-studio-pedagogy/ Virtual Studios (2): Practical Ways to Consider Implementing Virtual Studio Principles http://www.aace.org/review/virtual-studios-2-practical-ways-to-consider-implementing-virtual-studio-principles/ Virtual Studios (3): Practical Tools to Use When Implementing Virtual Studio Principles http://www.aace.org/review/virtual-studios-3-practical-tools-to-use-when-implementing-virtual-studio-principles/ Virtual Studios (4): Implementing a Virtual Studio: An Interview with Elijah Van Benschoten http://www.aace.org/review/virtual-studios-4-implementing-a-virtual-studio-an-interview-with-elijah-van-benschoten/ Design for Decentralized Studio Learning https://www.idsa.org/educationpaper/design-decentralized-studio-learning
  9. With the possibility that we might all be teaching remotely in the coming weeks, what have been some tools, resources, techniques, tricks that you have used as a design instructor when developing a class and course taught online or from remote locations? Are there things that did and did not work? What is the process and best practices for creating a video tutorial? What are the tools, equipment and software that work best? Please share your experiences here, so we may begin to prepare for what seems like the inevitable suspension of in-person classes.
  10. In conjunction with a CAA session on design history pedagogy that Victoria Pass and I co-chaired this week in Chicago, I have created a website called Design History Teaching Resources that I'm hoping can become a helpful resource for people teaching in the field of design history. I have started adding content, but it is based only on what I have in my own experience, and I would like to invite submissions from anyone on the DSF list who has useful content they are willing to contribute. If you have a successful syllabus, assignment brief, or activity prompt you are willing to share with colleagues, I hope you will send it in. Also if there are other structures, sections, or ways of organizing that would make this effort more useful to you, please feel free to suggest them. Many thanks for your help in building this shared resource! www.designhistoryteachingresources.org
  11. https://www.higheredjobs.com/details.cfm?JobCode=177218948&utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic Department Head/Vennerberg Chair in Art Institution: Oklahoma State University Location: Stillwater, OK Category: Faculty - Fine and Applied Arts - Art Faculty - Fine and Applied Arts - Art History Posted: 02/18/2020 Application Due: Open Until Filled Type: Full-Time POSITION: The Department of Art, Graphic Design, and Art History at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater invites applications for the position of Department Head, to begin July or August 2020. The new Head will be appointed Vennerberg Chair in Art as of Fall 2021; this appointment includes generous research support. Candidates with an area of specialization in one of the department’s three areas of emphasis—studio art, graphic design, and art history—are invited to apply. The successful candidate will lead the faculty in establishing a long-term vision for the future of the department. They will have a compelling record of scholarship, teaching, and administrative experience, and will offer experienced leadership in the following areas: pursuit of research opportunities, teaching and learning at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and expansion of competitive graduate programs. The successful candidate will oversee all curricular, budgetary, programming, and personnel matters; lead the department by enhancing its reputation and visibility in the state and nation through advocacy, fundraising, outreach, and public relations; and will have the opportunity to teach one course per year. The Department Head reports to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. QUALIFICATIONS AND APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Candidates must currently hold the rank of either Associate or Full Professor, and hold a terminal degree in their field. A curriculum vitae, a list of three references, recent examples of scholarship (digital images for studio and design, an article or book chapter for art history), and a cover letter demonstrating research, teaching, and administrative proficiency. Applications must be submitted through http://artokstate.slideroom.com. In order to receive priority consideration, applications should be received by Friday, March 20, 2020. Interviews will continue until the position is filled. Preliminary interviews will occur via ZOOM. This position is contingent upon available funding. ABOUT OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY: OSU is a comprehensive land-grant institution that is nationally known for its teaching, research, and outreach programs. The Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History has 270 majors and 18 full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty. It offers BA degrees in Studio Art and Art History, BFA degrees in Studio Art and Graphic Design, an MA in Art History and an MFA in Graphic Design. Approximately 29,000 students are enrolled at the OSU-Stillwater campus. Facilities include fully equipped studios for all areas, large Mac/PC labs, a Visual Resources Library, the Gardiner Gallery (in the department), and a sizable permanent art collection held by the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art. The Prairie Arts Center is a community arts center overseen by OSU, and the campus is also home to the world-class McKnight Center for the Performing Arts. Stillwater is approximately one hour from Tulsa and Oklahoma City, both cities with thriving museums and arts districts. Oklahoma State University is committed to diversity, and we encourage applications from underrepresented candidates. The Department enjoys one of the highest levels of diversity among both students and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, and we take pride in our inclusive and welcoming environment. APPLICATION INFORMATION Contact: Art, Graphic Design, and Art History Oklahoma State University Online App. Form: http://artokstate.slideroom.com Oklahoma State University is a land-grant institution committed to excellence in diversity and inclusion. We strive to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment that appreciates and values all members of the University community. We define diversity as engagement in meaningful actions, behaviors, and conversations that reflect a commitment to recognizing, understanding, and respecting the differences among students, faculty, staff, and visitors throughout the OSU system. We do not condone acts, behavior, language, or symbols that represent or reflect intolerance or discrimination. OSU is dedicated to cultivating and enriching the competitive advantages that diversity and inclusion provides all members of the University community. We identify diversity as a quality of life issue, as well as an important economic driver for the prosperity and well-being of the state, nation, and world. Oklahoma State University, as an equal opportunity employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action. Oklahoma State University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all individuals and does not discriminate based on race, religion, age, sex, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, or veteran status with regard to employment, educational programs and activities, and/or admissions. For more information, visit https:///eeo.okstate.edu.
  12. https://cuny.jobs/brooklyn-ny/dean-school-of-technology-design/EB29D85EBDE34257A9C3D262FFB00BC2/job/ Job Title: Dean - School of Technology & Design Job ID: 21772 Location: NYC College of Technology Full/Part Time: Full-Time Regular/Temporary: Regular POSITION DETAILS New York City College of Technology (City Tech) of the City University of New York (CUNY) is a comprehensive college of over 17,000 students offering associate and baccalaureate degree in technology and health related degree programs, other career-oriented degrees and liberal arts transfer degrees in its Schools of Arts and Sciences, Technology and Design, and Professional Studies. Located in the Metrotech area of downtown Brooklyn, we are the largest public college of technology in New York State and exceptional in that we go beyond traditional class offerings to create a high-tech, hands-on educational experience for our students, preparing them for a rapidly changing world. For over five years City Tech has been among the leaders in the diversity of the students it serves among all Comprehensive Colleges/Bachelor’s (North) in the annual survey by U.S. News and World Report. Students and faculty are from more than 120 countries and speak more than 85 languages, with many students the first in their families to attend college. City Tech employs approximately 1,000 full-time faculty and staff, and over 900 part-time faculty. The largest of the College’s Schools, Technology & Design invites applications for the position of Dean of the School of Technology and Design. The School has a long history of engaging students in learning both theory and hands-on applications. The School includes the departments of Communication Design, Architectural Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Systems Technology, Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology, Entertainment Technology, Environmental Control and Facilities Management, and Mechanical Engineering Technology. The four Engineering Technology departments have ETAC of ABET accreditation. All departments except Entertainment Technology offer one or more AAS degrees; all offer baccalaureate degrees, including a BFA. A BArch degree has been approved by CUNY and is under review by the New York State Education Department. Departments have extensive industry relationships. Over $10 million has been invested during recently to update labs and equipment; a $30 million renovation is ongoing to make the technology building a vibrant and state-of-the-art home for the school. Reporting to the Provost, the Dean will provide academic leadership, creative initiative, and effective management for the School of Technology & Design. The Dean is a member of the President’s Cabinet and works closely with the other academic deans to implement college-wide initiatives and cross-disciplinary programs. Among other responsibilities, the Dean will: Lead the updating of current offerings and guide the development of new programs that leverage the College’s unique mix of resources. Engage the faculty in designing learning experiences that excite students and prepare them for careers in fields that are challenging and constantly evolving. Deepen and expand partnerships with industry and other institutions of higher education, both within CUNY and beyond. Increase outside funding for faculty research, student support, and program development. Stimulate a rich exchange across departments, bringing together faculty, students, industry representatives, and outside guests to imagine the future and make it happen. Oversee faculty appointment, reappointment, tenure and promotion policies. Direct the on-going process of program review as required by accrediting agencies and CUNY QUALIFICATIONS The position requires a doctorate or equivalent terminal degree in a relevant field, experience in academic leadership, and a significant record of professional accomplishment that would merit a senior faculty appointment. The successful candidate will be: An educator eager to embrace the mission of a diverse urban campus that enrolls thousands of first-generation college students; An intellectual leader able to engage the faculty in designing exciting learning environments for students and to support the faculty in their professional activities and advancement; An entrepreneur willing to build stronger relationships with City Tech’s vibrant constituencies, especially industry, and to assist the President in seeking new sources of revenue for The School of Technology & Design and City Tech, through the pursuit of research grants, contracts, and philanthropic gifts. CUNY TITLE Dean COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Salary commensurate with education and experience. CUNY's benefits contribute significantly to total compensation, supporting health and wellness, financial well-being, and professional development. We offer a range of health plans, competitive retirement/pension benefits and savings plans, tuition waivers for CUNY graduate study and generous paid time off. Our staff also benefits from the extensive academic, arts, and athletic programs on our campuses and the opportunity to participate in a lively, diverse academic community in one of the greatest cities in the world. HOW TO APPLY Visit www.cuny.edu, access the employment page, log in or create a new user account, and search for this vacancy using the Job ID or Title. Select "Apply Now" and provide the requested information. Candidates should provide a CV/resume and statement of scholarly interests. CLOSING DATE Open until filled with review of resumes to begin on or after March 25, 2020. JOB SEARCH CATEGORY CUNY Job Posting: Executive EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY CUNY encourages people with disabilities, minorities, veterans and women to apply. At CUNY, Italian Americans are also included among our protected groups. Applicants and employees will not be discriminated against on the basis of any legally protected category, including sexual orientation or gender identity. EEO/AA/Vet/Disability Employer.
  13. https://segd.org/2020-segd-academic-summit-call-papers 2020 Call for Papers - Process and Products In Spring, SEGD issues a Call for Papers inviting academics, educators, researchers and design professionals to submit paper abstracts that address the latest issues, trends and innovation relevant to the field of experiential graphic design. Submission requirements and important dates are detailed in the 2020 SEGD Academic Summit | Call for Papers. Recent papers featured developments and advancements in design curriculum with a focus on transforming the search experience, alternative exhibit spaces and methods, and introducing students to the design process. See last year's published papers in the 2019 Communication+Place | SEGD Academic Research Journal. Submit your abstract to Christina Lyonsat FIT. The deadline to submit for the 2020 Academic Summitis March 9, 2020. Once received, your abstract will be reviewed by the SEGD Academic Task Force. Leading the SEGD Academic Task Force is Christina Lyons, Professor and Chairperson of the Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design programat the Fashion Institute of Technology. "The Task Force looks for papers that push the industry forward with new ways of thinking, teaching and executing experiential graphics," says Lyons. "The Task Force invites these ideas to come from across the design community—educators, practitioners and students alike." Selected papers will be presented in person on June 10, 2020 at the 2020 SEGD Academic Summit. The 2020 SEGD Academic Summit, on June 10, 2020, in Portland, Oregon precedes the 2020 SEGD Conference Experience Portland (June 11-13). The Summit will bring together educators, students, researchers and practitioners from the field of experiential graphic design. "Our annual Academic Summit benefits from the highly innovative educators who submit papers to our peer-reviewed process," says Ann Makowski, SEGD's Interim CEO. "The result? A robust educational conference that brings leaders in experiential graphic design education together to share their successes and highlight where the field is going." Papers presented at the Academic Summit will be published in SEGD’s online academic journal Communication+Place, which features the latest peer-reviewed experiential design research and innovation from leading global academic institutions. Papers presented at the 2020 SEGD Academic Summit will be featured in Communication+Place. "The selected papers for both presentation at the Academic Summit and for publication in Communication+Place serve as inspiration and industry benchmarks to designers, students and researchers," continues Christina Lyons. "This is the source for thoroughly researched and tested experiential graphic design topics from the field, as well as innovations in design curriculum."
  14. http://www.calstatela.edu/2020/college-arts-letters/al-art-ttf California State University Los Angeles is currently seeking qualified candidates for an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) position in Graphic Design/Visual Communication. Starting Date: August, 2020 Minimum Qualifications: 1) An earned MFA with an emphasis in Communication Design or a related field; 2) Evidence of practical knowledge, experience, and skill in contemporary Communication Design; 3) Evidence of successful professional design practice; 4) Evidence of successful teaching experience at the undergraduate level Preferred Qualifications: 1) Experience in any of the following: interaction design, design history, theory or criticism, human-centered design, typographic design, environmental graphic design, service design, packaging design; 2) Evidence of successful teaching experience at the graduate level; 3) Three years previous teaching experience at the university level; 4) Five years of professional design practice. Duties: The primary professional responsibilities of instructional faculty members are: teaching, research, scholarship and/or creative activity, and service to the University, profession and to the community. These responsibilities generally include: advising students, participation in campus and system-wide committees, maintaining office hours, working collaboratively and productively with colleagues, and participation in traditional academic functions. The successful candidate will support our students in developing projects with purpose as part of a socially and culturally engaged college. They will teach undergraduate and graduate students in the BA-Art, Graphic Design/Visual Communication and MA/MFA Design programs, as well as an anticipated certificate in Emerging Media Analysis and Design. The successful candidate will be committed to the academic success of all our students and to an environment that acknowledges, encourages, and celebrates diversity and differences. To this end, the successful candidate will work effectively, respectfully, and collaboratively in diverse, multicultural, and inclusive settings. In addition, the successful candidate will be ready to join faculty, staff, students, and administrators in our University’s shared commitment to the principles of engagement, service, and the public good.
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