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Howdy All,

Forgive me if this topic has been covered. My question is how to do you tackle student internships? Specifically I would say unpaid internships.

I am constantly getting contact for internships that are unpaid. Teaching at an HBCU my students don't have the luxury to take unpaid internships. The ones I reject right away, are the ones that have no educational value for the student. Example. A company once wanted a graphic design intern, but didn't have a graphic designer or art director on staff. Basically they just wanted a free graphic designer. 

Is this a problem in your area? How do you tackled this?


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Just a quick question, as I am developing an course in the History of Graphic Design.

What books are you currently using? I remember taking the course way back in the day and using Phillip Megg's History of Graphic Design.


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