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    Carma Gorman chaired a session at CAA Conference 2020 that was very well attended and incredibly insightful. I'm hoping that a bunch of organizations (Design Incubation, Design Studies forum, AIGA DEC) can come together to develop a single document that cover's the majority of the Communication Design depts in the country. In speaking with Carma, she proposed a flexible document, almost a document wizard, that could support any dept at a variety of institutions to help develop their own standards. For instance, if you are a community college in the midwest that is situated within a business dept, select the options that are important to you... One thing that was brought up in the CAA conference session was the double-standard, higher bar which we must go through, as compared to other disciplines. It is not enough for us to secure a project from a major company, we need to also win an award. She pointed out, as I have always argued, that the vetting process a client does of us is peer review. And payment for our work is a grant. What also frustrates me is that everything we do is always considered "Service", because our skills and expertise falls within a service industry and field of study. Only if we then win an award, is it suddenly scholarly.
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    I wish I could measure this. I honestly have no idea. Individuals in my department place different value in different deliverables. It's anyone's guess. On the university level, grants of any value are typically very highly regarded.
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    I am at a research university (top 10 public), we have qualitative assessment so it's hard for me to put numbers on them – they all have to be contextualized. In general, though, I think they are from high to low here – but nothing is so low to merit no attention. I'd be interested in other ways of assessing. Maria Published Book (highly respected, fluctuates based on press and peer review process) but demonstrates a high level of research contribution to the field Grant Base Research Project (varies based on source, amount, role) Peer Review Publication (helps demonstrate consistent contribution and more substantial than conference presentation) Peer Review Conference Presentation (these vary now, some in Europe are double blind peer reviewed full paper so this shifts how we think about conference presentations)
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    University of Minnesota design scholarship matrix.pdf This matrix is a useful tool for considering the diverse approaches to scholarship that design faculty engage in. My department has design faculty that are designers, humanists, social scientists, artists and engineers. Besides graphic design, we have programs in interior design, product design and apparel design.
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